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To my dear pupils
6th class preparatory
Scientific and literary
Unit One
Oral Practice
1-Classify watches.Use the prompts:
Ans.\ Watches can be classified according to price and model.
2-Classify geometrical figures.(lines,angles,surfaces)
Ans.\ Geometrical figures can be classified into three kinds:lines,angles and surfaces.
3-Classify shapes.(triangles,quadrilaterals,
circles) ( Use classify)
Ans.\ We can classify shapes into three types: triangles,quadrilaterals and circles.
4-Use fall to classify writing implements.(pens,pencils,
Ans.\ Writing implements fall into three kinds:pens, pencils and typewriters.
5-Explain the classification of parts of motor cars.(clutch,battery,brake)
Use: has.
Ans.\ Parts of motor cars have three types: clutch,battery and brake.

6-Classify furniture: tables, chairs.(Use there)
Ans.\ There are two kinds of furniture:tables and chairs.
7-Classify goods:a-good,bad.
(Use: classified)
Ans.\ Goods can be classified according to quality into good and bad, and according to price into expensive and cheap.
8-Classify ships.(Use: sailing,steamer,transport,fishing)
Ans.\ Ships can be classified according to means of propelling into sailing and steamer, and according to uses into transport and fishing.
9-Make the following classification :
a.*****rs ( paraffin,gas,electric)
b.electric *****rs (ordinary,micro-wave)
a.*****rs can be classified according to means of propelling into paraffin,gas and electric.
b.Electric *****rs are subclassified into two kinds: ordinary and micro-wave.
10-Classify pens,pencils,rubbers,rulers as stationary.(use :division)
Ans.\ Pens,pencils,rubbers and rulers are divisions of stationary.
11-What is a lion a division of ?
Ans.\ A lion is a division of animals.
12.What is a literary branch a division of ?
Ans.\ A literary branch is a division of academic preparatory schools in Iraq.
13.What is an industrial branch a division of?
Ans.\ An industrial branch is a division of vocational preparatory schools in Iraq.
14.Draw a diagram to classify schools in Iraq.
Good Luck .
Note : If you have any Qs.,be sure I am ready to answer.

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To my dear pupils\6th classes preparatory \Scientific and Literary ..
Unit One
Oral Practice ..
1- Introduction
A- Formal
E.g.\Introduce your new secretary Wisam Mohammed to the foreign ambassador Roy Cross.
Ans.\Mr. Roy Cross,may I introduce my new secretary,Mr. Wisam Mohammed?
Mr. Wisam,this is the foreign ambassador,Mr. Roy.
E.g.\Introduce your cousin Husein Ali to your friend Leith Ahmed.
Ans.\Leith Ahmed,Id like you to meet my cousin,Husein Ali.
Husein,this is my friend,Leith.
E.g.\Introduce yourself to some strangers at a library.(this is formal)
Ans.\May I introduce myself?
My name is ..
E.g.\Introduce yourself to your classmates on the first day at school.(this is informal)
Ans.\Id like to introduce myself.
My name is ..
A-Formal Greetings
1-What will you say when you meet Mr. Ali?
Ans.\How do you do,Mr. Ali?
2-You met Dr. Hasan in the corridor of an office.How will you greet each other?
Ans.\I say: How do you do,Dr. Hasan?
He says: How do you do?
How will you say when you are introduced to Miss Nada?
Ans.\How do you do Miss Nada?
4-What will you say when your friend says,this is a British colleague of mine,Mr. Swift.
Ans.\How do you do ,Mr. Swift?
B-Informal Greetings

1-What will you say when you are introduced to Mustafa?
Ans.\Hello,Mustafa.Glad to meet you.
You met Ahmed in the street,what will you both say?
Ans.\ I say:Hello,Ahmed.Glad to meet you.
He says:Hello.Glad to meet you.
C-Greetings at certain times
What will you say when you meet Mr. Ali: a-in the morning b-in the afternoon c-in the evening(at night)
Ans.\a-Good morning
b-Good afternoon
c-Good evening
2-You met your boss near the gate in the morning.What will you both say?
Ans.\I say:Good morning
He says:Good morning
3-What will you say when you meet Mrs. Fatima:
a-at 10 oclock a.m.
b-at 10 oclock p.m.
Ans.\a-Good morning
b-Good evening
4-Greet your boss two hours before one p.m.
Ans.\Good morning
3-Starting a conversation(with strangers.I mean formal)
1-Start a conversation with someone asking about a place.
Ans.\Excuse me,is this seat taken?
2-Start a conversation with a stranger asking about the time.
Ans.\Excuse me,could you tell me the time?
3-Start a conversation with someone asking for help.(pretend that you can not carry a heavy bag)
Ans.\Excuse me,could you help me?I can not carry this heavy bag.
4-Start a conversation with someone talking about the weather.Use :a-stormy b-nice
Ans.\a-Stormy weather,dont you think?
b-Such a nice day today,is nt it?
E.g.\Start a conversation with someone talking about a dress.Use:a-expensive b-cheap
Ans.\a-An expensive dress,do nt you think?
b-Such a cheap dress,is nt it?
1-What will you say when you leave your friend,but you promise to meet him in the afternoon?
Ans.\See you in the afternoon.
2-What will you say when you part your friend,but you plan to meet him on Sunday?What will his response be?
Ans.\I say:See you on Sunday.
His response:Ok. or All right or Fine.
3-What will you say when you leave your friend at the end of classes or (after a day s work)
Ans.\Good bye or Bye or See you .
4-What will you say to Mr. Ali at the end of a day s work?
Ans.\Good bye.
5-Your friend says to you:
a-Good bye b-Bye c-See you.How will you respond?
Ans.\a-Good bye b-Bye c-See you.
6-What will you say when your friend leaves:
a-for study or some business
b-by air
c-by sea
d-to Syria
e-to Basrah
a-Good bye and good luck.
or Good bye and all the best.
b-Good bye and have a nice flight. c-Good bye and have a nice voyage.d-Good bye and have a nice journey.
e-Good bye and have a nice trip.
The response to all those leave-taking is:
Thank you.Good bye.
E.g.\You went to the airport to see a friend off.What will you both say?
Ans.\I say: Good bye and have a nice flight.
He says:Thank you .Good bye.
General Examples
1-What will you say when you go(retire) to bed?
Ans.\Good night.
2-Your friend says to you: good night,how will you respond?
Ans.\Good night.
3-What will you say if someone gives you a gift or helps you ?
Ans.\Thank you.
4-What will you say if someone thanks you?
Ans.\Not at all.
Good Luck
If you have any questions,be sure I am ready to answer.

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Unit Two
Oral Practice\\\ Purpose
A\ so that \ in order that
Examples :
1-He studies hard.
He passes the exam.( join.Use: so that)
Ans.\He studies hard so that he will pass the exam.
2-Jane decided to save money.
She intended to buy a new house.(in order that)
Ans.\Jane decided to save money in order that she might buy a new house.
3-He drove slowly.
He did not want to hit someone.(so that)
Ans.\He drove slowly so that he might not hit someone.
4-He studies hard for the exam.
He is afraid of failure.(so that)
Ans.\He studies hard for the exam so that he wont fail.
5-He swerved.
He wanted to avoid running into the hole.(in order that)
Ans.\He swerved in order that he would not run into the hole.
6-He ran to school.(miss the first lesson) (so that)
Ans.\He ran to school so that he might not miss the first lesson.
7-He raised his voice.
He wanted all his pupils to hear him.(so that)
Ans.\He raised his voice so that all his pupils could hear him.
B\\ So as to \ in order to
Examples :
1-I went to the bank.
I want to borrow some money.( so as )
Ans.\I went to the bank so as to borrow some money.
2-I parked so far away from the entrance.
I did not want to block the way.(in order to)
Ans.\I parked so far away from the entrance in order not to block the way.
3-I brake suddenly.
(hit that child) ( so as)
Ans.\I brake so as not to hit that child.
4-He does nt want to get fat.
He does nt eat much.( so as)
Ans.\He does nt eat much so as not to get fat.
5-He is afraid of missing the train.
He takes a taxi.( in order to)
Ans.\He takes a taxi in order not to miss the train.
C \\ The purpose of \\ The purpose behind
Examples :
1-Bassanio wanted to marry Portia.
He sailed to Belmont.(The purpose of)
Ans.\The purpose of Bassanios sailing to Belmont was to marry Portia.
2-He wants to make a kitchen table.
He buys some wood and tools.(The purpose behind)
Ans.\The purpose behind his buying some wood and tools is to make a kitchen table.
3-She runs to the station.(miss the train)(the purpose of)
Ans.\The purpose of her running to the station is not to miss the train.
4-They ran to the theatre.
They are afraid of missing the beginning of the play.(the purpose of)
Ans.\The purpose of their running to the theatre was not to miss the beginning of the play.
Examples :
1-I need a knife.
I want to cut the meet.( to)
Ans.\I need a knife for cutting the meet.
2-Show what those tools are used for :
a-drill b-jack
c-screwdriver d-spanner
a-A drill is used for making holes in hard materials like wood.
b-A jack is used for lifting or lowering heavy things like cars.
c-A screwdriver is used for tightening or loosening screws.
d-A spanner is used for tightening or loosening nuts.
E \\ To
Examples :
1-The pilot made a long flight.
He wanted to test the new engine.( to)
Ans.\The pilot made a long flight to test the new engine.
2-She goes on a diet.
She does nt want to get fat.(to)
Ans.\She goes on a diet to avoid getting fat.
The rules of adding ing to the verbs :
1-run running
2-write writing
See seeing
3-fix fixing
Show showing
Play playing
Do nt double the final consonant when adding ing or ed to the following verbs(though the consonant is preceded by one vowel)
( listen,threaten,limit,happen,open,offer,visit,fast en, develop,iron,sharpen,suffer,murmur,answer,hammer, order,cover,consider,enter,hasten,tighten,loosen,l ower )
Do as required :
1-He bought medical glasses.
He did nt want his eye sight to grow worse.(so that)
2-He went to the dentist.
He had his bad tooth pulled out.(to)
3-He sent a telegram to his family.
He wanted them to meet him at the airport.(in order that)
4-I do nt smoke to avoid cancer.(the purpose of)

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I hope all the best for you
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Unit Two
Invitations :
Examples :
1-Invite your friend to go fishing in the lake with you.(Use: would.like)
Ans.\Would you like to go fishing in the lake with me?
2-Invite Ali to have dinner with you.( How.like)
Ans.\ How would you like to have dinner with me?
3-Use let to invite a friend to the pictures.
Ans.\ Lets go to the pictures,shall we?
4-Use would.care to invite a friend to a barbecue on Thursday.
Ans.\ Would you care to come to a barbecue on Thursday?

5-You are arranging a trip to the historical city of Babylon.Invite your friend to join you.(Use would.free)
Ans.\ Would you be free to join me in a trip to the historical city of Babylon?
6-Invite Huda to a game of ping-pong.(Use could)
Ans.\ Could you play a game of ping-pong?
Accepting Invitations (agree,approve)
Examples :
1-Accept Mehas invitation to go to the theatre.(informal)
Ans.\ Thank you very much.Thats very kind of you.
Or\Thank you very much.Id love to.
Or\ Yes,Id like to very much.
2-Accept your teachers invitation to go to the library.(formal)
Ans.\ Yes, with pleasure.
Refusing Invitations
Examples :
1-Refuse Ahmeds invitation to go swimming in the river.(use wish,and tied as justification)
Ans.\ I wish I could,but you see I am tied up.
2-You are invited to go for a drive in the car at midnight.How will you disapprove because you are tired?(use:rather)
Ans.\ Well thats very kind of you,but I am rather tired.
3-Disagree to Laylas invitation to come to a party as you have a difficult exam.(use:afraid)
Ans.\ Well, thats very kind of you,but I am afraid I have a difficult exam.
A Quiz : Do as required:
1-You cant be present at Nadas birthday party because of an exam.How will you respond to her invitation?
2-You are invited to a party.
How would you refuse politely.(use:rather)
3-Could you come to the theatre with me ,teacher?
(Accept the invitation)
Offers :
A\\(The offer is a noun)
Examples :
1-Offer Ali some biscuits.
(use would.like)
Ans.\ Would you like some biscuits?
2-Useshall to offer your friend another piece of cake.
Ans.\ Shall I get you another piece of cake?
3-Use can to offer your guest a glass of orange juice.
Ans.\ Can I get you a glass of orange juice?
4-Offer your friend a cup of coffee.(use: let)
Ans.\ Let me get you a cup of coffee.
5-Usehave to offer your sister another sandwich.
Ans.\ Have another sandwich,please.
B\\ (the offer is a verb )
Examples :
1-Offer to help a friend with his homework.(use would.like)
Ans.\ Would you like me to help you with your homework?
2-Usecan to offer to carry one of your friends suitcases for your friend.
Ans.\ Can I carry one of your suitcases for you?
3-Useshall to offer to type the report for your friend.
Ans.\ Shall I type the report for you?
4-Uselet to offer to lend a friend some money.
Ans.\ Let me lend you some money.
Accepting Offers :
Examples :
1-Accept Alis offer to have tea.
Ans.\ Yes,please.
2-Let me get you another piece of chicken.(Accept politely)
Ans.\ Yes,please.Thats very kind of you.
Refusing Offers :
Examples :
1-Have a cup of tea,please.(Refuse)
Ans.\ No,thank you.
2-You are offered another sandwich.(Refuse.Give reasons)
Ans.\ No,thanks very much.I am full.
3-Refuse an offer politely.
Ans.\ No,please dont bother.I can manage.Thank you.
A Quiz : Do as required :
1-He offered me a cup of tea.
He said to me:..?
2-Offer to show a blind man the way.(use let)
3-Would you like me to help you?(Accept politely)
Good Luck

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Unit Three
Oral Practice
Definitions :
A\\ Tools ,Instruments ,
Examples :
1-Define\knife,cut meet
Ans.\ A knife is the tool which is used for cutting meat.
2-Define\ cut meat,knife
Ans.\ The tool which is used for cutting meat is known as a knife.
3-Define :a-thermometer
Ans.\ a- A thermometer is an instrument which is usd for measuring temperature.
b- A typewriter is the machine which is used for typing.
B\\ Jobs
Examples :
1- Define\ teacher,educate people
Ans.\ A teacher is the person who educates people.
2- Define\educate people,teacher
Ans.\ The person who educates people is known as a teacher.
3-Define : a- stewardess
Ans.\ a- A stewardess is the women who attends upon the needs of passengers in a ship or an airliner.
b- A jeweller is the person who sells jewels.
C\\ Science
Examples :
1-Define\history,past events
Ans.\ History is the science that deals with(studies) past events.
2-Define\past events,history
Ans.\ The science that deals with(studies)past events is known as history.
3-Define : a-Geometry
Ans.\ a-Geometry is the science that deals with shapes and sizes of different things.
b-Zoology is the science that deals with animals.
D\\ Places,buildings,establishments
Examples :
1-Define\school,offer education
Ans.\A school is the establishment that offers education.
2-Define\offer education,school
Ans.-The establishment that offers education is known as a school.
Ans.\ A school is the establishment where education is offered.
Ans.\ The establishment where education is offered is known as a school.
More Definitions
1-A ruler is a straight strip of wood,plastic or ****l,marked in centimeters or inches for measuring or for drawing straight lines.
2-A typist is the person who operates a typewriter.
3-A manager is he person who runs an office.
4-An actress is the woman who acts in a film or a play.
5-A nurse is the person who looks after sick people.
6-Botany is the science that deals with plants.
7-Chemistry is the science that deals with the composition of substances.
8-Economics is the science that deals with the production,distribution and consumption of goods or services.
9-A receptionist is the person who works at the reception and directs or receives people.
10-A hospital is the place where people go for medical treatment.
11-A garage is the place where cars are kept.
12-A library is the place where books are kept,read or borrowed.
13-A line is a one-dimensional figure which has length only.
14-Latent heat is the heat which is taken or given out without change of temperature.
15-Biology is the science that deals with living matter in all its forms or phenomena.
16-A librarian is the person who is in charge of a library.
17-A restaurant is the place where food is offered in public.
18-A steward is the man who attends upon the needs of passengers in a ship or an airliner.
19-A witness is the person who is present at an event and is able to describe it.
20-A laboratory is the place where scientific experiments,researches or tests are made.
21-An actor is the man who acts in a film or a play.
22-A shoe-maker is the person who repairs shoes.
23-A pencil is the tool which is used for writing on paper.
24-Astronomy is the science that deals with sun,moon,stars and planets.
25-A waiter is the man who attends upon people in a restaurant.
26-A waitress is the woman who attends upon people in a restaurant.
27-A zoo is the place where animals are on display for the public.
28-A shop-keepr is the person who is in charge of a shop.
29-A novelist is the person who writes novels.
30-A barometer is an instrument used for measuring the pressure of the atmosphere.
31-A pharmacy is the place where medical goods are sold.
32-Medicine is the science that deals with the prevention and cure of disease.
33-Linguistics is the science that deals with languages.
34-Factory is the place where goods are made.
35-A camera is a set of instruments used for taking pictures.
36-A lawyer is the person who defends criminals in a court.
37-A tin-opener is the tool which is used for opening tins.
38-A pen is the tool which is used for writing on paper.
39-A pencil-sharpener is the tool which is used for sharpening pencils.
40-A hammer is the tool which is used for breaking things or driving nails in.
41-A screw driver is the tool which is used for tightening or loosening screws.
42-A pair of scissors is the tool which is used for cutting hair,cloth or paper.
43-A drill is the tool which is used for making holes in hard materials like wood.
44-A spanner is the tool which is used for tightening or loosening nuts.
45-A jack is the tool which is usd for lifting or lowering heavy objects like cars.
46-A needle is the tool which is used for sewing.
47-A doctor is the person who examines sick people.
48-A bank is the place where people keep their money.
49-A lift is the machine that carries people or goods up and down to different levels in a building.
50-A saw is the tool which is used for cutting wood.
51-A mechanic is the person who repairs cars or engines.
52-A theatre is the place where plays are acted.
53-A carpenter is the person who makes furniture.
Good Luck

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Unit three
Oral practice.3
Examples :
a-Suggest on your friend to go to the library.(use:1-suggest 2-suggestion 3-could 4-might 5-d better 6-should.suggest 7-what about 8-why)
1-I suggest that you go to the library.
2-My suggestion is that you go to the library.
3-You could go to the library.
4-You might go to the library.
5-You d better go to the library.
6-I should like to suggest going to the library.
7-What about going to the library?
8-Why do nt you go to the library?
b-You and your friend are late for school.(make a suggestion.Use:9-lets 10-shall)
Ans. \\
9-Lets take a taxi.
10-Shall we take a taxi?
E.g. \\
Your friend smokes a lot.(What will you suggest? Use:might)
Ans. \\
You might give up smoking.
C-Where shall I spend the spring holiday?(make a suggestion.Use:why)
Ans. \\
Why do nt you go to the north of Iraq?
B \\Agreement (file://agreement/)
Examples :
a-Accept Nadas suggestion to go to the zoo.
Ans. \\
1-Oh,all right. Or
2-I agree. Or
3-Good idea. Or
4-Thats a good idea.or
5-Thats a very good idea.
b-I think you d better study hard for the exam.(agree)
Ans. \\
Yes,I suppose Id better.
c-Lets go to school by car.(agree)
Ans. \\ Yes,lets.
d-I suggest that I lend you some money.(agree)
Ans. \\
Thank you very much.
e.Shall we have some rest?(agree)
Ans. \\
We shall have to.
C \\disagreement (file://disagreement/)
Examples :
a-Your brother suggested to go to the cinema.(refuse.Use:
Ans. \
Why do nt we go to the theatre?
Or \
But could nt we go to the theatre?
b-Your friend suggests to swim in the sea.(Refuse.Use:
Ans. \
Well,its dangerous,do nt you think?
c-Your sister suggests to go walking along the river.(Refuse.Use cold)
Ans. \
Well its rather cold,do nt you think?
d-Your friend suggests going to school by a taxi.(Refuse)
Ans. \
Weve still got a lot of time.
e-Your father suggests reading funny stories to kill your spare time.(Refuse)
Ans. \
Well,to be quite honest,I am not interested in(keen on)this kind of stories.
A short Quiz
1-What about a game of chess?(Re-write using:suggestion instead of :what about)
2-Your friend is fat.She seeks your advice.What will you say to her?
3-Make a suitable suggestion to Ali whose computer is broken.

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Unit Four
Oral Practice
A \\\ Noun
E.g. \Ali is ten years old.
Nada is ten years old,too.(Similarity.Use:1-same 2-similar 3-both 4-like)
1-Ali is the same as Nada in age.
2-Ali is similar to Nada in age.
3-Both Ali and Nada are the same in age.
4-Ali is like Nada in age.
B \\\ Verb
E.g.\Ali teaches English.
Nada teaches English,too.
(similarity.Use:1-both 2-like)
1-Both Ali and Nada teach English.
2-Ali,like Nada,teaches English.
C \\\ Adjective
E.g.\ Ali is two metres height.
Meha is two metres height.
(similarity.Use:1-asas 2-both 3-like)
1-Ali is as tall as Meha.
2-Both Ali and Meha are tall.
3-Ali,like Meha,is tall.
A \\\ Noun
E.g.\Alis watch costs 50 thousand dinars.
Mazins watch costs 30 dinars.
(difference.Use:1-different 2-differ 3-both 4-like)
1-Alis watch is different from Mazins watch in price.
2-Alis watch differs from Mazins watch in price.
3-Both Alis watch and Mazins watch are different in price.
4-Alis watch is unlike Mazins watch in price.
B \\\ Verb
E.g.\Nada is ****ing some food.
Huda is writing a letter.
(difference.Use:1-unlike 2-compared)
1-Nada,unlike Huda,is ****ing some food. Or
Huda,unlike Nada,is writing a letter.
2-Nada,as compared with Huda,is ****ing some food. Or Huda,as compared with Nada,is writing a letter.
C \\\ Adjective
a-Ahmed is 47 years old.
Ameer is 50 years old.
( difference.Use:1-like 2-compared 3-soas 4-than)
1-Ahmed,unlike Ameer,is 47 years old. Or
Ameer,unlike Ahmed,is 50 years old.
2-Ahmed,as compared with Ameer,is 47 years old. Or
Ameer ,as compared with Ahmed,is 50 years old.
3-Ahmed is not so old as Ameer. Or
Ameer is not so young as Ahmed.
4-Ahmed is younger than Ameer. Or
Ameer is older than Ahmed.
b-Nada is beautiful but Rana is not.(difference.Use:than)
Ans.\Nada is more beautiful than Rana.
c-Ali runs quickly.
His brother runs slowly.(than)
Ans.\Ali runs more quickly than his brother.
d-Ali has 50 books.
Mahir has 20 books.(than)
Ans.\Ali has more books than Mahir. Or
Mahir has fewer books than Ali.
e-Firas has little sugar.
Fahmi has much sugar.(than)
Ans.\Firas has less sugar than Fahmi. Or
Fahmi has more sugar than Firas.
f-Ali is good at English.
Nada is bad at English.(than)
Ans.\Ali is better at English than Nada. Or
Nada is worse at English than Ali.
The Solution Of Ex.
14.7 \\\ page 157
1-Ali is taller than Jalal.
2-Ali is older than Jalal.
3-Ali has a better sense of humour than Jalal.
4-Ali is brighter than Jalal.
5-Ali is quicker in doing things than Jalal.
6-Ali is more handsome than Jalal.
7-Ali is stronger in body than Jalal.
8-Ali is more intelligent than Jalal.
9-Ali loves sports more than Jalal.
10-Ali runs more quickly than Jalal. Or
Ali is quicker in running than Jalal.
Stating Preference
Examples :
A\\ 1-Ask Ali of the game he likes.
Ans.\ What game do you like?
2-Ask Ali of his favourite colour.
Ans.\What is your favourite colour?
B\\ Expressing Preference
E.g.\What soft drink do you like,Ali?(Express preference.Use: like(or prefer)
Ans.\I like pepsi. Or
I prefer pepsi.
E.g.\Nada likes music.(agree)
Ans.\Do you?So do I.
E.g.\Huda likes tea.(Refuse)
Ans.\Do you? I do nt.
E.g.\Ahmed likes coffee.(Refuse.Use:tea)
Ans.\Do you? I do nt. I like tea.
E.g.\What is your favourite colour,Ali?
Ans.\My favourite colour is green.
E.g.\Nadas favourite colour is yellow.(Agree)
Ans.\Is it?So is mine.
E.g.\Mehas favourite lesson is English.(Refuse)
Ans.\Is it?Mine is not.
E.g.\Ranas favourite lesson is geography.(Refuse.Use: history)
Ans.\Is it?Mine is not.My favourite lesson is history.
E.g.\State Nadas preference of tea and milk.Use:hate,like
Ans.\Nada hates tea,but likes milk.
4-(preferwould rather)
E.g.\State Hudas and Mehas preference of tea,coffee.Use: preferwould rather.
Ans.\Huda prefers tea to coffee,but Meha would rather drink coffee.
5-(for unfavourable behaviours)
E.g.\a-What do you think of those who tell lies.
Ans.\I do nt like those who tell lies. Or
I cant stand those who tell lies.
b-What do you think of men who drive sports cars?
Ans.\I do nt mind men who drive sports cars.
6-(d prefer)
E.g.\State why youd prefer to go to the north of Iraq.
Ans.\Id prefer to go to the north of Iraq to see the mountains.
E.g.\State how youd prefer to go to the north.
Ans.\Id prefer to go to the north by train.
7-(As far..concerned.)
E.g.\State your preference of the best place to read in.
Ans.\As far as I am concerned,the best place to read in is the library.
E.g.\Ali prefers football.Use favour instead of prefer.
Ans.\Ali is in favour of football.

spring of loyalty
01-02-2011, 11:05 AM
Thank you dear
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16-02-2011, 06:30 PM
Unit Five
A \\ Present
1-Nada does not come to school today.(have a holiday)
Use: a-may b-might possibly c-supposecould d-perhaps e-probably
Ans. \
a-Nada may have a holiday.
b-Nada might possibly have a holiday.
c-I suppose Nada could have a holiday.
d-Perhaps Nada has a holiday.
e-Nada probably has a holiday.
2-Ali does not attend the meeting.
a-Ali may be sick.
b-Ali might possibly be sick.
c-I suppose Ali could be sick.
d-Perhaps Ali is sick.
e-Ali is probably sick.
3-Huda is absent today.
In Baghdad.
Huda may be in Baghdad.
4-Layla is not here.(playing in the garden) (perhaps)
Ans.\Prhaps Layla is playing in the garden.
B \\ Future
1-Ali drives fast.
(have an accident)
Use: a-expect b-chance c-probably d-perhaps)
a-I expect Ali will have an accident.
b-There is a chance Ali will have an accident.
c-Ali will probably have an accident.
d-Perhaps Ali will have an accident.
C \\ Past
1-Nada was absent yesterday.(go to the zoo) (Likelihood)
a-Nada may have gone to the zoo.
b-Nada might possibly have gone to the zoo.
c-I suppose Nada could have gone to the zoo.
d-Perhaps Nada went to the zoo.
d-Nada probably went to the zoo.
2-Ali went to the hospital last week.(sick)
a-Ali may have been sick.
b-Ali might possibly have been sick.
c-I suppose Ali could have been sick.
d-Perhaps Ali was sick.
d-Ali was probably sick.
1-The weather is nice.(likelihood)
We may go to Mosul.
2-State the likelihood of her coming early.
She may come early.
3-Show the likelihood of Alis illness.
Ali may be ill.
4-Do you think it rains?(likelihood)
It may rain.
5-Is Ali studying for the exam?
Perhaps Ali is studying for the exam.
6-The car stopped suddenly.(something wrong with the engine)
Perhaps there was something wrong with the engine.

20-02-2011, 01:32 PM
Unit Five
A \\ Present
E.g.\ The pupils are happy.(have a holiday) (certainty.Use:
2-certainly(surely, positively)
3-no doubt
1-I am sure they have a holiday.
2-They certainly have a holiday.
3-There is no doubt they have a holiday.
E.g.\ What s that man up to?(waiting for somebody)
(certainty.Use: certain)
Ans.\ I am certain he is waiting for somebody.
E.g.\ There is no sign of Sally.(still in bed)
Ans.\ There is no doubt she is still in bed.
E.g.\Ali is absent today.(in Kerbela)
Ans.\I am sure he is in Kerbela.
B \\ Past
E.g.\The teacher punished Nada.(certainty)
Use: 1-behaved badly
Ans.\I am sure she behaved badly.
2-She is certainly talkative.
C \\ Future
E.g.\Ali does nt do well in the exam.(fail) (no doubt)
Ans.\There is no doubt Ali will fail.
1-The weather is stormy.(sure)
Ans.\I am sure we shall stay at home.
2-Show the certainty of Hudas failure.
Ans.\I am sure Huda will fail.
3-State the certainty of your running fast.
Ans.\There is no doubt I shall run fast.
4-Do you think she can succeed?(certainty)
Ans.\She can certainly succeed.
5-Has she done the job well?(no doubt)
Ans.\There is no doubt she has done the job well.
6-It has been raining heavily for days.(floods)(certain)
Ans.\I am certain there will be floods.
Unit Six
Cause and Effect
E.g.\There was a sandstorm. They postponed the match.
(join.Use: a-because b-since
Ans.\ a-They postponed the match because there was a sandstorm.
b-They postponed the match since there was a sandstorm.
c-They postponed the match as there was a sandstorm.
2-therefore,as a result
E.g.\ It was very heavy.
It sank to the bottom at once.(join.Use: a-therefore
b-as a result)
Ans.\a-It was very heavy;therefore,it sank to the bottom at once.
b-It was very heavy.As a result it sank to the bottom at once.
E.g.\He studies hard.
He passes the exam.(join.Use:if)
Ans.\If he studies hard, he will pass the exam.
b-He studied hard.
He passed the exam.(if)
Ans.\If he studied hard,he would pass the exam.
c-He had studied hard.
He had passed the exam.(if)
Ans.\If he had syudied hard,he would have passed the exam.
E.g.\It is raining very hard outside.
They can not go out.(sothat)
Ans.\It is raining so hard outside that they can not go out.
E.g.\He is a very hard working clerk.
He is going to be made a director.(suchthat)
Ans.\He is such a hard working clerk that he is going to be made a director.
6-because of
E.g.\They sat in the shade.
The sun was hot.(because of)
Ans.\They sat in the shade because of the hot sun.
7-make,makes made
E.g.\The weather was hot.
I took my coat off.(make)
Ans.\The hot weather made me take my coat off.
E.g.\The news is good.
He is happy.(make)
Ans.\The good news makes him happy.
[How to change subject pronouns into object pronouns]
Result in,results in,resulted in
Lead to,leads to ,led to
E.g.\There is heavy rain.
There will be floods.(join.Use:a-cause
b-result in c-lead to)
Ans.\a-The heavy rain causes floods.
b-The heavy rain results in floods.
c-The heavy rain leads to floods.
9-caused by
E.g.\Processes such as fermentation,decay and the like.
Germs.(caused by)
Ans.\Processes such as fermentation,decay and the like are caused by germs.
10-result from,results from
Resulted from
E.g.\Shylock was wicked.
He lost everything.(result from)
Ans.\Shylocks losing everything results from his wickedness.
15.4 Page \\160 (file://
1-He was repairing the house
because he wanted to sell it.
2-The match was postponed since the weather was bad.
3-I took off my jacket as it was getting very hot.
4-The speaker hesitated because of a feeling of uncertainty.
5-Lack of planning leads to failure.
6-Strong winds result in floods.
7-Too much hard work causes fatigue.
8-Floods are caused by heavy rains.
9-Ali went to bed late;therefore,he is tired today.
10-Samir does nt know where Firas lives.As a result he could not send him a letter.
11-The book is so easy that I
finished it in an hour.
12-Ali is such an old man that he cant walk.
13-The hot weather makes me sweat.
14-If he is ready to listen,I shall speak to him.
A QUIZ \\\\
1-It was very dark.
We could nt recognize them.
(join.Use: make)
2-Lack of rain led to drought.
(use because instead of led to)
3-It was too dark for us to see properly.
It was so------------.
(finish the sentence in such a way that it means exactly as the sentence before it)
4-Plants growth.
Fertilizers.(caused by)
5-Express the cause and effect relationship between Famine and Drought by making a meaningful sentence.

21-02-2011, 05:56 PM
Unit Seven
A \\ prepositions of place
1- at - on
E.g. \
a-The man is sitting at the bank of the river.
- He sat at a table (or at a desk).
b-She is sitting on a chair.
- There is a picture on the wall.
- The speaker is standing on the stage.
2- above - over
E.g. \
a-The ceiling is above my head.
b-There are many clouds over the village.
3- between - among
E.g. \
a-The Mediterranean Sea is between Europe and Africa.
b-He divided his wealth among his three sons.
3- Behind - beyond
E.g. \
a-The thief hid behind the door.
b-I can see a big house beyond the bridge.
4- under - beneath(underneath)
E.g. \
a- There are several boys swimming under the bridge.
b-The soldier is crawling beneath (underneath ) the barbed wires.
5- in - into
E.g. \
a-Some children are swimming in the river.
b-Some children are jumping into the river.
- You can obtain a supply of gas by inserting a coin into a meter.
- He threw his rod into the water.
7- along - across
E.g. \
a-She is walking along the bank of the river.
-There are many trees along the bank of the river.
b-There is a bridge across the river.
8- in front of - before
E.g. \
a-There are some trees in front of the house.
b-Your name comes before mine in the list.
9- towards - away from
E.g. \
Every morning ,all the pupils walk away from their houses ,towards their schools.
10- up - down
E.g. \
Some boys are climbing up the hill ,others are climbing down the hill.
11- round
E.g. \
The car is turning round the square.
B \\ location ( in a street )
E.g. \
1- Ask someone about the way to the petrol station.
Ans. \ Excuse me , can you tell ( show ) me the way to the petrol station?
2- Show someone the way to the Public Library.
Use the prompts:
( roundabout , 4th turning , left , right )
Ans. \
Oh , let me see.
Go along here till you get to (reach) the roundabout . Then take the fourth turning on the left.
The Public Library is on the right.
3-Show someone the way to the Post Office.
Use the prompts:
(traffic lights , 3rd turning , right , left )
Ans. \
Oh , let me see .
Go along here till you reach
( get to ) the traffic lights.
Then take the third turning on the right .The post office is on the left .
4- Show someone the way to the mosque.
Use the prompts :
(crossroad , left , right ,
A large building )
Ans. \
Oh , let me see .
Go along here till you reach
( get to )the crossroad .
Then turn left .The mosque is on the right .It is a large building .
6- Show someone the way to the bank.
Use the prompts :
( ahead (along here ), right , cant miss it )
Ans. \
Go ahead ( along here ).
The bank is on the right.
You cant miss it .
C \\ location (in an office)
E.g. \
1- Ask someone about the way to the filing department.
Ans. \ Excuse me , where can I find the filing department?
2- Show the way to the Sales Department.
Use the prompts :
( corridor , left , right )
Ans. \
Go down the corridor.
Then turn left . The Sales
Department is on the right.
3- Show the way to the managers office.
( 4th floor )
Ans. \
The managers office is on the fourth floor .
4- Show the way to the
Accountants room.
( up the stairs , left , room 14 , right )
Ans. \
Go up the stairs to the fourth floor .Then turn left .The accountant s room is door fourteen on the right.
5- Show the way to the clerks room.
( lift , 2nd floor , right )
Ans. \
Go along here till you get to the lift. Then go up to the second floor. The clerks room is on the right.
7- Show the way to the assistants room.
8- ( 2nd floor , lift )
9- Ans. \
The assistants room is on the second floor. The lift is over there.

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Unit Eight
Oral Practice
1 ability \ in the present
E . g .
Show human beings ability to think . ( Use : a can b able c capable d ability e capacity )
Ans . \\
A Human beings can think .
B Human beings are able to think .
C Human beings are capable of thinking .
D Human beings have the ability to think .
E Human beings have the capacity to think .
NOTE \\ (ability and capacity are the same in use )
E . g .
Ali can play tennis well . ( ability . Use : a able b ability )
Ans . \\
A Ali is able to play tennis well .
B Ali has the ability to play tennis well .
2 ability \ in the past
E . g .
Show Huda s ability to drive a car when she was 18 years old . ( Use : a can b able c capable d ability )
Ans . \\
A Huda could drive a car when she was 18 years old .
b- Huda was able to drive a car when she was 18 years old .
c Huda was capable of driving a car when she was 18 years old .
d Huda had the ability to drive a car when she was 18 years old .
E . g
Show the children s ability to play football last year . ( Use : able )
Ans . \\
The chilren were able to play football last year .
3 non ability \ in the present
E . g .
Nada does nt catch the bus . (ability . Use : a can b able c capable d ability )
Ans . \\
A Nada cant catch the bus .
B Nada is unable to catch the bus .
C Nada is incapable of catching the bus .
D Nada does nt have the ability to catch the bus .
E . g .
Boys cant **** . ( ability . Use : a able b capacity )
Ans . \\
A Boys are unable to **** .
B Boys do nt have the capacity to **** .
4 non ability \ in the past
E . g .
Meha did nt pass the exam . ( ability . Use : a able b ability )
Ans . \\
A Meha was unable to pass the exam .
B Meha did nt have the ability to pass the exam .
E . g .
Girls could nt sew a dress . ( ability . Use : capable )
Ans . \\
Girls were incapable of sewing a dress .
5 asking about ability \ in the present
E . g .
Ask Ali about his ability to climb a tree . Use : a can b able c capable d ability
Ans . \\
A Can you climb a tree ?
B Are you able to climb a tree ?
C Are you capable of climbing a tree ?
D Do you have the ability to climb a tree ?
E . g .
Can Nada type ? ( Use : a able b ability )
Ans . \\
A Is Nada able to type ?
B Does Nada have the ability to type ?
E . g .
Can plants fly ? ( Use : able )
Ans . \\
Are plants able to fly ?
6 asking about ability \ in the past
E . g .
Ask Mahir about his ability to swim when he was four .( Use : a can b able c capable d ability )
Ans . \\
A Could you swim when you were four ?
B Were you able to swim when you were four .
C Were you capable of swimming when you were four ?
D Did you have the ability to swim when you were four ?
E . g .
Could Salwa speak French ? ( Use : able )
Ans . \\
Was Salwa able to speak French ?

20-04-2011, 06:09 PM
Unit Eight
Oral Practice
1 - ( only apology )
E . g .
You are late for the first lesson because of the traffic . Apologize for your teacher .
Ans . \\
I am sorry to be late for the first lesson . It was the traffic.
2 - ( Apology and Offer )
E . g .
Your friend has lent you a pen . You have lost it . You apologize and offer to give him another pen .
Ans . \\
I am sorry for losing your pen .
Shall I give you another pen ?
3 - ( You want someone to repeat what is said )
E . g .
The teacher has said something that you could nt understand . You want him to repeat what he has said .
Ans . \\
I beg your pardon .
Or Pardon .
4 ( Apologizing for breaking a promise )
E . g .
You have promised a friend to lend him your camera . You have found out that your brother has broken it . Apologze to your friend .
Ans . \\
I am sorry that I cant lend you my camera as I have promised . My brother has broken it .
5 - ( Apologizing instead of somebody )
E . g .
Your little brother drop a cup of tea on the carpet .
( Apologize )
Ans . \\
I am sorry that my little brother drop a cup of tea on the carpet .
6 - ( Apologizing and suggestion )
E . g .
You have invited your friend for lunch next Friday . But now you have to leave town on Thursday for three days on official business . Apologize to your friend and suggest another date for the invitation .
Ans . \\
I am sorry that I have to postpone the invitation for lunch next Friday . I have to leave town on Thursday for three days on official business . What about the following Friday ?
7 What will you say when someone apologizes to you or says sorry to you ?
Ans . \\
A Do nt worry . Or
B It does nt matter . Or
C Never mind . Or
D Forget it .


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23-04-2011, 07:57 AM
Unit Nine
Oral Practice
1 asking about opinions
E . g .
Ask Nada about her opinion of your new dress .
Ans . \\
What do you think of my new dress ?
Or \\
What is your opinion of my new dress ?
2 expressing opinions
E . g .
Express your opinion of football . ( Use: a wonderful game )
( Use : a-think b-believe c-suppose d-seems
e-knowfact f-farconcerned g-assee )
Ans . \\
a-I think football is a wonderful game .
b-I believe football is a wonderful game .
c-I suppose football is a wonderful game .
d-It seems to me football is a wonderful game .
e-I know for a fact that football is a wonderful game .
f-As far as I am concerned , football is a wonderful game .
g-As I see it , football is a wonderful game .
3- agreement with an opinion
Examples :
a-Muna thinks the Iraqi soldiers are brave . (agree )
Ans . \\
I agree . They won many battles .
b-I think Mr. Mahdi deserves promotion . ( agree )
Ans . \\
That s just what I was thinking . He is a hard working man who never arrives to his office late .
c-Ali believes the new manager is reasonable .
(agree using the tail question )
Ans . \\
He is , is nt he ?
E . g .
Mazin thinks girls are nice ( agree . use the tail question )
Ans . \\
They are , are nt they ?
E . g .
Meha belives the plan will succeed . (agree. Use the tail question )
Ans . \\
It will , wont it ?
E . g .
Hasan believes Ali plays well . ( agree.Use the tail question )
Ans . \\
He does , does nt he ?
E . g .
Salim thinks Meha spoke English well . ( agree.Use the tail question )
Ans . \\
She did , did nt she ?
E . g .
Mahir thinks they drink all the milk . ( agree. Use the tail question .)
Ans . \\
They do , do nt they ?
d- agreement with unfavourable opinions
E . g .
I think Peter will die . ( agree )
Ans . \\
I am afraid he will .
E . g .
I believe Mark is unlucky . ( agree )
Ans . \\
I am afraid he is .
E . g .
It seems to me that Mary plays badly . ( agree )
Ans . \\
I am afraid she does .
4- disagreement with an opinion
Examples :
a-Falah thinks cars are the worst evil that man has ever created . ( disagree )
Ans . \\
I am afraid I do nt agree with you .
Cars are the best means that man has ever created .
b-Nibraas believes the speech was good . ( disagree )
Ans . \\
I am not sure I quite agree .
I do nt believe the speech was good .
c-As I see it , Firass work is promising . ( disagree )
Ans . \\
Well , actually I do nt think it is .
I think Mazins work is promising .
d-I suppose the lesson was a waste of time . ( disagree )
Ans . \\
I am afraid I do nt agree with you .
The lesson was nt a waste of time .
5- partial disagreement Or non full agreement
Examples :
a Mazin thinks farmers make good money . ( partial disagreement )
Ans . \\
Perhaps , but do nt you think that it depends on season .
b It seems to me that big cities are nice to live in .
( non full agreement )
Ans . \\
Yes , that s quite true , but do nt forget they are too crowded and too noisy .
C I think Schools should open the whole year . You agree but think that summer is too hot .
Ans . \\
Well , you have a point there ; but do nt you agree that summer is too hot .


23-04-2011, 06:16 PM
Unit Ten
Oral Practice
1- Obligation
E . g .
Oblige your little daughter to do her homework daily .
( Use : a-ought to b-must c-should d-have to
e-Had better )
Ans . \\
a-You ought to do your homework daily .
b-You must do your homework daily .
c-You should do your homework daily .
d-You have to do your homework daily .
e-You had better do your homework daily .
E . g .
I feel tired . ( obligation . Use : must )
Ans . \\
You must have some rest .
2- Obligation in the past
E . g .
Mazin did not keep his promise . What will you say to him as a form of obligation ?
Ans . \\
You should have kept your promise .
Or \\
You ought to have kept your promise .
E . g .
Nada was absent yesterday .(obligation . Use : present)
Ans . \\
Nada should have been present .
3- Asking about obligation
E . g .
Ask your boss if you ought to attend the meeting .
( Use : a-must b-should c-have to )
Ans . \\
a-Must I attend the meeting ?
b-Should I attend the meeting ?
c-Do I have to attend the meeting ?
4- Release from obligation
E . g .
Must I eat three apples a day .( Release )
Ans . \\
No , you need nt eat three apples a day .
Or \\
No , you do nt have to eat three apples a day .
5- Non Necessity in the past
E . g .
A ( if the sentence given is affirmative )
Sally attended the party .No one invited her .
( non necessity )
Ans . \\
Sally need nt have attended the party .
B- ( if the sentence given is negative )
Ali did nt go to school by bus .His friend gave him a lift.
( non necessity )
Ans . \\
Ali did nt have to go to school by bus .
6- Warning Or prohibition
E . g .
Prevent you brother from driving fast .(Use: dangerous as justification )
(Use : a-do b-avoid c-look out d-ought to
e-had better )
Ans . \\
a-Do nt drive fast . It is dangerous .
b-Avoid driving fast . It is dangerous .
c-Look out . Driving fast is dangerous .
d-You ought not drive fast . It is dangerous
e-You had better not drive fast . It is dangerous .
E . g .
Use must to warn a child not to go too close to the loose wire .( Use :hurt yourselfas justification )
Ans . \\
You must nt go too close to the loose wire .
You may hurt yourself .
E . g .
Prevent your son from exceeding the speed limit .
( Give justification )
Ans . \\
Avoid exceeding the speed limit .You may cause an accident .

10 . 12 \\\ Page - 124 \\\ The Answers
1- You must work harder .
2- You must not get to work late in your new job tomorrow .
3- He does not have to get up early tomorrow because it is a holiday .
4- You ought to give up smoking .
5- You had better study for the exam .
6- You need nt come early tomorrow .
7- You should not have exceeded the speed limit .

15 . 9 \\\ Page 165 \\\ The Answers
62-You ought to get up earlier .
63-You must be careful .
64-No , you need nt accompany me to the market .
65- No , you need nt help me with my homework .
66- You should have arrived on time .
67- She should have had her breakfast .
68- Avoid eating that bread . It is stale .
69- Avoid jumping into cold water . You may get cold .
70- Youd better not drive fast . You may have an accident .
71- Do nt work overtime .


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Unit Ten
Oral Practice
Polite Requests
A \\ Asking people to do things
E . g .
Ask Mazin to call you a taxi .
( Use : a- would mind b-could c-would
d-wonder..could )
Ans . \\
a-Would you mind calling me a taxi ?
b-Could you call me a taxi , please ?
c-Would you call me a taxi , please ?
d-I wonder if you could call me a taxi .

Examples :
1-Would you mind seeing who is at the door ?( agree )
Ans . \\ Not at all .
2-Could you get on with your work , please ?( agree )
Ans . \\ Certainly .
3-Would you wait for a moment , please ?( agree )
Ans . \\ Certainly .
4-I wonder if you could remind me to go .( agree )
Ans . \\ Certainly .

Refusal ****
Examples :
1-Would you mind helping me with my homework ?
( refuse )
Ans . \\
Well , I am sorry . I am so tired at the moment .
2-Would you pass the salt , please ? ( refuse )
Ans . \\
I am sorry , but its not possible .
3-I wonder if you could call a taxi . ( refuse )
Ans . \\
Well , I am sorry . I m very busy at the moment .

B \\ Asking for permission
E . g .
Ask your teachers permission to take tomorrow off .
( Use : a-may b-can c-wondercould d-wouldmind
e-mind )
Ans . \\
a-May I take tomorrow off ?
b-Can I take tomorrow off ?
c-I wonder if I could take tomorrow off .
d-Would you mind if I took tomorrow off ?
e-Do you mind if I take tomorrow off ?
Agreement ****
Examples :
1-May I borrow your pencil sharpener . ( agree )
Ans . \\
Yes , of course . Here it is .
Or \\
Certainly . Here it is .
2-Can I use your phone ? ( agree )
Ans . \\ Yes , go ahead .
3-I wonder if I could take the book .( agree )
Ans . \\ By all means . Here you are .
4-Do you mind if I close the door ? ( agree )
Ans . \\ No , of course not .
Or \\ No , please do .
5-Would you mind if I waited here for a while ?( agree )
Ans . \\ No, of course not .
Or \\ No , please do .
Refusal ****
Examples :
1-May I leave early ? ( refuse )
Ans . \\ I am sorry , but its not possible .
2-Can I leave early ? ( refuse )
Ans . \\ I am sorry , but its not possible .
3-I wonder if I could leave early .( refuse )
Ans . \\ Id rather you did nt , if you do nt mind .
4-Do you mind if I leave early ? ( refuse )
Ans . \\ I am sorry , but its not possible .
5-Would you mind if I left early ? ( refuse )
Ans . \\ I d rather you did nt , if you do nt mind .


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I should thank deeply the almighty GOD for his great support .
I wish you all the best .
Thanks alot for your nice , sweet feelings .

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thanks dear for your great efforts

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Unit Eleven
Oral Practice
A \\\ Re arrange the following sentences using the links :
( first of all , after a while , at the same time , next , then , later )
11 . 10 \\\ Page 135 \\\ The answers are :
First of all the burner is lit .
After a while a tube filled with water is held over the flame .
At the same time the water becomes hot .
Next bubbles appear and rise to the surface .
Then the bubbles begin to burst .
Later steam appears .
11 .11 \\\ Page 135 \\\
Put the following eight events in the most logical order
Using the links :
( first , next , then , at the same time , after this , during this , later , finally )
The answers are :
First the Colossus sailed into thick fog .
Next the Captain could not see a huge iceberg ahead .
Then the ship hit the iceberg .
At the same time the ship began to sink.
After this the crew packed women and children in a life boat and lowered it into the sea .
During this some passengers threw themselves wildly into the see .
Later the ship disappeared into the sea .
Finally a passing steamer picked up the survivors .

B \\\ Join using one of the following :
( when or as soon as or after or before or while or as or till or until )
Examples : (( In the present tense ))
1- He will be released .
He will say the truth . ( Join . Use : a- when b- as soon as )
Ans . \\
a-When he says the truth , he will be released .
b-As soon as he says the truth , he will be released .
2-I leave the office .
I put out all the lights . ( Join . Use :
a-before b-after )
Ans . \\
a-Before I leave the office , I shall put out all the lights .
b-After I put out all the lights , I shall leave the office.
3-She ****s some food .
The bell rings . ( Join . Use : a-while b- as )
Ans . \\
a-While she is ****ing some food , the bell rings .
b-As she is ****ing some food , the bell rings .
E . g .
She cleans the house .
He studies English . ( Join . Use :
a-while b-as )
Ans . \\
a-While she is cleaning the house , he is studying English .
4-He is painting the house .
His father arrives . ( Join . Use : a-till b-until )
Ans. \\
a-He has been painting the house till his father arrives .
b-He has been painting the house until his father arrives .
E . g .
He paints the house .
His father arrives . ( Join . Use : a-till b- until )
Ans . \\
a-He has been painting the house till his father arrives .
b-He has been painting the house until his father arrives .
E . g .
He will paint the house .
His father arrives .( Join . Use : a- till b- until )
Ans . \\
a-He will be painting the house till his father arrives .
b-He will be painting the house until his father arrives .
E . g .
He is going to paint the house .
His father arrives . ( Join . Use : a-till b- until )
Ans . \\
a-He will be painting the house till his father arrives .
b-He will be painting the house until his father arrives .

Examples : (( In the past tense ))

1-I did my homework .
I went to the theatre . ( Join . Use : before )
Ans . \\
Before I went to the theatre , I had done my homework .
2-He finished his work at the office .
He went home . ( Join . Use : after )
Ans . \\
After he had finished his work at the office , he went home .
3-I received money from my parents.
I paid my friends back . ( Join. Use : a-when b- as soon as )
Ans . \\
a-When I received money from my parents , I paid my friends back .
b-As soon as I received money from my parents , I paid my friends back .
4-Ali swam in the river .
Nada studied for the exam . (Join . Use : a-while b-as)
Ans. \\
a-While Ali was swimming in the river , Nada was studying for the exam .
b-As Ali was swimming in the river , Nada was studying for the exam .
E . g .
Huda cleaned the house .
Her husband arrived .( Join . Use : a-while b-as )
Ans . \\
a-While Huda was cleaning the house , her husband arrived .
b-As Huda was cleaning the house , her husband arrived .
5-Ali swam in the lake .
His father arrived .(Join .Use :a-till b-until )
Ans. \\
a-Ali had been swimming in the lake till his father arrived .
b-Ali had been swimming in the lake until his father arrived .

11 . 13 \\\ Page 137 \\\ The answers are :
1- As soon as I receive some money from my
Parents , I shall pay my friends back .
2-When I go to the post office , I shall post the letter .
3-When the rain stops , I shall go out .
4-Before the party begins , I shall come .
5-Before the train leaves , I shall be at the station .
6-Before it gets dark , I shall get home .
7-After I do all my homework , I shall watch T V . .
8-After I finish the letter , I shall go home .
9-As soon as I have lunch , I shall have a nap .
10-As soon as the bell rings , we shall leave .
11-I have been sitting in the lab until the lesson ends.
12-I shall stay in the library until it closes .

NOTE : ( The verb stay refers to continuity by itself ; therefore , I did nt change it intofuture continuous tense So are the verbs :Continue and keep )

11 . 14 \\\ Page 137 \\\ The answers are :

1-While we were having a picnic , it began to rain .
2-While I was doing my homework , the light went out .
3-As I was waiting at the bus stop , my friend came by in his car and gave me a lift .
4-As Adnan was listening to the first part of the news on the radio , the door bell rang and some friends arrived .
5-After Samir had switched the lights off , he went to bed.
6-Before Firas went to France , he had studied French .
7-When the conference ended , all the participants left .
8-As soon as it began to rain , Haitham hurried inside .

NOTE : ( The verbs : do , wait , listen in numbers : 1 , 2 , 3
Are put in the continuous tense because they are verbs of long duration so are the verbs : swim , **** , paint , etc. )

15 . 11 \\\ Page 170 \\\ Sequence \\\ The answers are :

1-When Bassanio arrived in Belmont , Portia received him kindly .
5-Antonio had been waiting at the harbor until Bassanios ship sailed away .
9-When Bassanio left for Venice , Portia began to think of a plan to save Antonio .
-As soon as Bassanio left for Venice , Portia began to think of a plan to save Antonio .
15-While Pasteur was studying fermentation in wines and other liquids , he discovered the action of germs .
18-After the Duke had departed from the court , Antonio was left with his friends Bassanio and Gratiano .
23-Portia asked Lorenzo and Jessica to manage the mansion while she was away .
27-The patient must be kept warm until a doctor or an ambulance arrives .
31-While the four lovers were preparing for the marriage, Lorenzo , Jessica and Salerio arrived with a letter from Antonio .
34-When printing was introduced , two kinds of ****** began to appear in most alphabets .
40-When Portia remembered Bassanio , her face glowed with happiness .

NOTE \\\ 1- Notice the tense of the verbs given , if
They are Present or past before you join
2-Check the meaning of the sentence after
You join .


30-04-2011, 09:24 AM
Unit Twelve
Oral Practice
Examples :
1-She washed the shirt twice .
The stain would not come out . ( Join. Use : a- but
b- yet c- however )
Ans . \\
a-She washed the shirt twice , but the stain would not come out .
b-She washed the shirt twice ; yet , the stain would not come out .
c-She washed the shirt twice ; however , the stain would not come out .
2-It is very hot today .
He is wearing a heavy coat . ( Join . Use : a- although
b- though c- despite the fact that )
Ans . \\
a-Although it is very hot today , he is wearing a heavy
coat .
b-Though it is very hot today , he is wearing a heavy coat.
c-Despite the fact that it is very hot today , he is wearing
a heavy coat .
3-Ali decided to buy the washing -machine .
There was a defect in the motor .
( Join . Use : a-in spite of b- despite )
Ans . \\
a-In spite of the defect in the motor , Ali decided to buy
the washing machine .
b-Despite the defect in the motor , Ali decided to buy the
washing machine .
E . g .
In spite of the heavy rain , they decided to go out .
( Join . Use : though )
Ans . \\
Though there was heavy rain , they decided to go out .

12 .8 \\\ Page 144 \\\ The answers are :

1-In spite of the traffic jam , I got to the office early .
2-In spite of the speed limit on the road , he drove very
Fast .
3-In spite of the defect in the motor , Ali decided to buy
The washing machine .
4-In spite of the many difficulties , the plan was carried
Out successfully .
5-In spite of her feeling of uncertainty at the beginning ,
Layla made the correct answer .
NOTE : (( we can use : despite .instead of in spite of ))

12.9 \\\ Page 145 \\\ The answers are :

1-The steak is very good ; yet ,they are not eating .
2-Jack and Sally like plays very much , but they cant
Come with us to the theatre .
3-Although the accountant has a lot of work to do , he
Is nt doing anything .
4-Though Mr. Smith has been working hard lately , he
refuses to have some rest .
5-The manager is discussing some very important
Points ; however , Mr . James is not paying attention .
6-Despite the fact that Jane has been working for three
Years as a typist , she still types slowly .
7-In spite of the hot weather , they enjoyed themselves
during the picnic .

15 . 11 \\\ Page 170 \\\ The answers are :

6-In spite of the Prince of Moroccos cleverness , he
failed to make the right choice .
10-Though Ibn Rushd became well-known and held
Important positions , he remained humble ,
- Ibn Rushd became well-known and held important
Positions ; yet , he remained humble .
14-Bassanio was poor ; yet , Launcelot decided to
Join him .
- Even though Bassanio was poor , Launcelot decided to join him .
17-Although Shylock had refused to show mercy to
Antonio , the Duke pardoned him and gave him
Back his life .
-Shylock had refused to show mercy to Antonio ;
However , the Duke pardoned him and gave him
back his life .
33-Despite the fact that notes and coins are needed
for small commercial transactions of every day
life , few people nowadays keep large sums of
money in cash .
-Notes and coins are needed for small commercial
transactions of everyday life ; however , few
people nowadays keep large sums of money in
cash .
38-Gratiano tried to answer , but Nerissa stopped
him .


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Unit Twelve
Oral Practice
Drawing Conclusion

A \\\ Drawing Conclusion by using must

Examples : (( in the present tense ))
1-Ali is absent today . ( conclusion . Use : go to Baghdad )
Ans . \\
Ali must go to Baghdad .
2-Huda does n t attend the meeting . ( conclusion .
Use : a-sick b-in the library c-studying for the exam )
Ans . \\
a-Huda must be sick .
b-Huda must be in the library .
c-Huda must be studying for the exam .

Examples : (( in the past tense ))

1-Ali was absent yesterday . ( conclusion . Use :gone to Baghdad )
Ans . \\
Ali must have gone to Baghdad .
2-Nada did nt attend the meeting . ( conclusion . Use: a-tired b-in the garden c-playing )
Ans . \\
a-Nada must have been tired .
b-Nada must have been in the garden .
c-Nada must have been playing .

More Examples :
1-Ali came without his car . ( conclusion .Use: stolen)
Ans . \\
Ali s car must have been stolen .

NOTE \\\ ( This is written in the passive voice .
Notice that : the car is stolen , not Ali .)
2-I cant find my book .( conclusion . Use : left it at home )
Ans . \\
You must have left it at home .
NOTE \\ The answer is written in the past form although the verbcant is in the present tense ,
becauseleaving the bookhappened in the past.

B \\\ Conclusion by using the senses .

Examples :
1-How can you tell that she is pleased and not annoyed ?
Ans . \\
Its obvious from the expression .
Or \\
I can tell by the expression .
2-How do you it is a wig and not her own hair ?
Ans . \\
I can tell by the look .
Or \\
Its obvious from the look .
3-How can you be sure it is an oak tree and not a pine tree ?
Ans . \\
I can tell by the shape of leaves .
Or \\
It s obvious from the shape of leaves .

12 .12 \\\ Page 146 \\\ The answers are :

1-He must be dreaming .
2-He must be typing .
Or \\ She must be typing .
3-She must be studying .
4-He must be going to bed .

12 . 13 \\\ Page 147 \\\ The answers are :

1-You must have left them at home .
2-He must have been busy with his homework .
3-His car must have been stolen .
4-She must have taken the day off .
5-She must have got fed up .
6-She must have forgotten all about it .
7-He must have got over his cold .
8-You must have been paid today .
9-You must have left it in the filing cabinet .



My Next Lessons Will Be About Vocabulary In Shaallah

03-05-2011, 06:31 PM

Q 1 \\\
What do we call ? Answer in one word :
1-a place where we can save our money and valuable things .
2-an account with no cheque book .
3-a detailed record of payment and withdrawals .
4-artificially grown germs .
5-the science of size and numbers of which arithmetic , algebra and geometry are branches .
6-a broken bone .
7-a closed vehicle for carrying people who are ill , wounded in war or hurt in accidents .
8-reddish , brown coated , formed on iron by the action of water and air .
9-the inner surface of the hand between the wrist and the fingers .
10-a piece of ****l , pointed at one end to be hammered into articals to hold them together .
11-artificially formed islands .
12-material made into sticks for writing on blackboards .
13-a place where aeroplanes land or take off .
14-lines that never meet .
15-the distance from the centre of a circle to the circumference .

The answers are :
1-bank 2-deposit 3-statement or (passbook ) 4-cultures
5-mathematics 6-fracture 7-ambulance 8-rust 9-palm
10-nail 11-platforms 12-chalk 13-airport 14-parallel

04-05-2011, 06:17 PM
Q 2 \\

Fill in the blanks with suitable words and expressions from the reading passage :
Louis Pasteur .

1-Every one has his own-----to serve Iraq .
2-The-----of the microscope helped Pasteur to examine germs .
3-Her promise to help me was-----words .
4-He-----on giving me a lift to school .
5-He was brought up by his uncle when he was a-----child.
6-Many diseases-----through the air .
7------have shown that a child is a quick learner .
8-The-----of meat was caused by hot weather .
9-Thousands of sea-----live deeply in the ocean .
10------made jewels are cheaper than the original ones .
The answers are :

1-contribution 2-invention 3-mere 4-insists 5-tiny 6-spread 7-experiments 8-decay 9-creatures 10-artificially

Q 3 \\
Fill in the blanks with the correct words between
Brackets :
1-He-----the ball-----the trees .
( through , threw )
2-Have you heard the----- ? Sami bought-----shirts .
( new , news )
3-She usually-----at the beautiful sights as she-----about in
the town .
( wonders , wanders )
4-Why did Martin-----that-----knife ?
( steel , steal )
5-She----- in the country and she-----her country very
much .
( loved , lived )
6-It was a good-----they wore-----clothes and left by-----.
( plain , plane , plan )
7-When he-----down yesterday , he did nt-----the pain ,
besides I-----to help him .
( failed , felt , feel )
8-Ibn Rushed was a-----figure as he held-----positions .
( prominent , distinguished )
9-Last week , I felt-----after a-----day .
( tiring , tired )
10-It was a-----evening . I have read all that man s
stories before ; they-----me .
( bored , boring )

The answers are :
1-threw , through
2-news , new
3-wonders , wanders
4-steal , steel
5-lived , loved
6-plan , plain , plane
7-fell , feel , failed
8-distinguished , prominent
9-tired , tiring
10-boring , bored

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Q 4
Put each of the following words into two sentences to show the difference in meaning :
( 1-please 2-tear 3-rest 4-just 5-rise 6-class 7-sound 8-lie 9-mean 10-course )

The answers are :
a- (= a polite form of request )
e. g . \\ Please , turn the radio off .
b- ( = glad )
e. g . \\ I am much pleased with what he has done .
a- ( =drop of salty water coming from the eye )
e.g. \\ My eyes filled with tears when I heard her sad story .
b- ( =put sharply a part or to pieces )
e.g. \\ Small children always tear sheets of paper into pieces .
a- (=being free from activity )
e.g. \\ Rest is necessary after hard work .
b- (=what remains )
e.g. \\ Her hat is red , like the rest of her clothes .
a- (=fair )
e.g. \\ Imam Ali(peace be on him) is a very just figure .
b- (=only Or merely )
e.g. \\ I have attended the party just to see you .
5- rise
a- (=increase , in wages Or social position )
e.g. \\ Mr . Ali is a hard working man ; therefore , he deserves a rise .
b-(=appear above the horizon )
e.g. \\ The sun rises in the East and sets in the West .
a-(= sort Or kind Or division )
e.g. \\ When he decided to go to Britain , he booked first class carriages on the train .
b-(=room where group of persons taught )
e.g. \\ It is a nice thing if pupils feel responsible for cleaning their class room daily .
a-(=something which is heard )
e.g. \\ I like the sound of a nightingale singing in the early morning .
b-(=seem Or give the impression )
e.g. \\ The songs of birds sound sweet in the forest .
8- lie
a-(=tell untrue things )
e.g. \\ To tell lies is a very bad habit .
b-(=put oneself in a resting position )
e.g. \\ Everyday , he lies on the grass enjoying the sunshine .
a-(=poor in behavior )
e.g. \\ It was a mean trick when Shylock made Antonio sign the bond .
b-(=signify the meaning of words or sentences )
e.g. \\ A dictionary tries to tell you what words mean .
a-(=direction taken by something )
e.g. \\ He drew a map that shows the course of the chief rivers .
b-(=one of the several parts of a meal )
e.g. \\ He asked the waiter to bring him a dinner of five courses with fish as the main dish .

Q 5 \\
Fill in the blanks with the suitable words and expressions from the list below :
( Really , parallel , measurement , catch up with , lie , keen on , available , lay , looking forward to , get in touch with , postpone )
1-Do you think that water is-----on other planets ?
2-We are----- a brighter future .
3-The tailor is asking if he can take my----- .
4-We should not-----the exam .
5-Children are-----listening to stories while having their meals .
6------English is an international language .
7-Some pupils have to work hard to-----the rest of the class .
8-The railway lines are always----- .
9-I cant -----him because the telephone is out of order .
10-The officer ordered his men to-----down .

The answers are :

1-available 2-looking forward to 3-measurement 4-postpone 5-keen on 6-Realy 7-catch up with 8-parallel 9-get in touch with 10-lie

Q 6 \\
Write the synonyms of the underlined words and expressions :
1-The condition of the sick people was serious
2-In war-time a great deal of blood is needed for the wounded .
3-She is interested in collecting stamps .
4-The wordalphabetis of Semitic origin .
5-On his way to school, he ran into an old friend .
6-Mary is seeking the money which she lost yesterday .
7-I could not discover what her name was .
8-Some old friends called on us last night .
9-He said that it would be satisfactory for us to call again later .
10-I want to pick out a gift for my friend .
11-She has gone back to Baghdad for good .
12-The meeting was put off until next week .
13-He rises at the same time every morning .
14-Gilded jewels are cheaper than those made of gold .
15-I invited them for my birthday party before a fortnight .

The answers are :

1-dangerous 2-a large quantity of 3-keen on 4-source 5-met by chance ( Or came across ) 6-looking for 7-find out 8-visited 9-all right 10-choose 11-for ever 12-postponed 13-gets up (Or wakes up ) 14-jewels covered with gold 15-two weeks

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Q 7 \\\
Give each word in List A its opposite from List B
List A
1-node 2-never 3-interesting 4-in front 5-reduce 6-late 7-strong 8-longer 9-far away from 10-certain 11-towards 12-raised 13-exclude 14-spend 15-profit 16-borrow 17-top 18-ancient 19-ebb 20-wet

List B
a-weak b-doubtful c-at the back d-lowered e-early f-modern g-shake h-always i-flow j-loss k-bottom l-include m-shorter n-dry o-increase p-away from q-dull r-save s-near to t-lend

The answers are :
1-g 2-h 3-q 4-c 5-o 6-e 7-a 8-m 9-s 10-b 11-p 12-d 13-l 14-r 15-j 16-t 17-k 18-f 19- i 20-n

Q 8 \\\
Choose the correct answer :
1-She was-----in Kerbela about the year 1978 .
( born , borne , bore )
2-Both Ahmed and Leith succeed , but the-----got high marks .
( later , latter , letter )
3-Lorenzo sent a-----to Jessica telling her that he would never let her down .
( massage , message )
4-At-----it is a good thing to read at least one page of Kuran .
( down , dawn , done )
5-We should thank God-----the weather is nice or stormy .
( whether , weather )
6-There has been a-----crash near Bristol .
( plan , plane , plain )
7-I usually use my-----hand when I print reports .
( right , write )
8-The-----in this restaurant is very bad .
( service , surface )
9-A-----is a four-sided figure .
( quadrilateral , equilateral )
10-He is a student of great----- .
( latent , talent )
11-I am still in need of-----to be a good teacher .
( practise , practical , practice )
12-If the teacher does nt-----his voice , the pupils cant hear him .
( rice , race , raise , rise )
13-I-----some workers to carry the goods .
( heir , higher , hire , hair )
14-It has been raining on the-----region .
( hole , whole , hall , heal , hell , hill )
15-Putting on too much-----is unhealthy .
( wheat , white , wait , weight , wet )
16-I did nt believe him because I know he-----to me .
( lay , laid , lied , lain )
17-Women-----their hair to look younger .
( dead , died , dye , die )
18-The-----patient asked to see his children .
( dyeing , dying , died , dead )
19-Nerissa was Portias----- .
( made , maid , mad , mind )
20-I always-----her , but she never listen to my advice .
( advise , device , devise , advice )
21-They-----to be rewarded .
( serve , observe , deserve , reserve )
22-Would you like some -------?
( sweat , sweet , sweets , sweater )
23-He-----in bed yesterday because of high fever .
( lain , lied , lay , laid )
24-I-----our team will win the match .
( expect , except , accept , escape )
25-My baby took the toy and-----it angrily to the ground .
( through , throw , thorough , threw )
26-I have-----sugar . Can you give me some?
( run out of , run into , run by , run away )
27-She will accept my invitation if we-----her name in the list of the guests .
( include , conclude , exclude )
28-The train is moving at a-----of five miles per hour .
( rent , rat , rate , ratio )
29-The police officer asked if anybody could-----him in his enquiries .
( resist , insist , assist , consist of )
30-The firemen managed to-----the fire quickly .
( distinguish , extinguish )
31-The police will-----the thief soon .
( seize , size )
32-An-----is measured in degrees .
( angle , angel )
33-We should-----to God for rain .
( prey , pray )

NOTE \\\\ Please , wait for more Puzzled words
NOTE \\\ The answers are written in red coloured
letters .

15-05-2011, 06:14 PM
34-The-----who trained dogs to attack suspected criminals is my friend .
( cub , cube , cop , cap , cab , cup )
35-When the dog attacked me , I----- myself with a stick .
( defined , defend )
36-The speaker got a very-----reception from the audience.
( hostile , hostel )
37-They-----themselves for not telling their teacher the truth .
( approach , reproach )
38-He decided to grow a-----and a moustache .
( dear , beer , bare , beard )
39-A-----is a large , strong , flesh-eating animal found in Africa and south Asia .
( lion , line , lean , loan )
40-A----- is a small shop with an open front that people sell things from especially in a market .
( stole , steal , steel , stall , stale , still )
41-The bank announced that they only exchange----- and travelers cheques .
( notice , notes )
42-live worms are used by fishermen as a----- .
( bet , bit , bite , bait )
43-A----- is a separate area in a hospital for people with the same type of medical condition .
( world , ward , word )
44-I really----- that all 6th preparatory pupils pass the final exam successfully .
( hope , hop )
45-They always-----themselves as security guards .
( disgust , disguise )
46-I want you to----- my example and do what may please God .
( fellow , flow , follow )
47-The----- Muhammad (May God bless him and his progeny ) founded the religion of Islam .
( profit , prophet )
48-The cab driver left the-----running while he was waiting for us .
( meter , metre , matter )
49-Many animals-----only at certain times of the year .
( bread , bride , breed , bird )
50-Could you keep the kids-----while I am on the phone ?
( quiet , quite , quit )
51-All plants and animals are made up of----- .
( sales , sails , cells , sells )
52-The accident taught them a----- they will never forget .
( lessen , listen , lesson )
53-The software will-----you to access the Internet in seconds .
( enable , unable , able )
54-The apartments are ideal for-----people living alone .
( single , signal )
55-The edge of the lake was fringed with----- .
( reads , reeds , rides )
56-The atmosphere of Mars could not-----life .
( support , sport , spirit )
57-A cold----- of air blew in from the open window .
( drought , draught )
58-I----- them against walking alone at night .
( warn , worn , worm , warm )
59-I like listening to his-----of life at sea .
( tall , tell , tail , tale )
60-She could see the rain in the light of the----- .
( limp , lamp , lump , limb , lamb )
61-White has always been a-----of purity in western cultures .
( simple , symbol )
62-Theye simply cant seem to live in-----with each other .
( piece , peace )
63-Noise is a----- of modern city life .
( curse , course )
64-Sally refused to marry Jack because he is not a very----- person .
( series , serious )
65-Always chew food well before-----.
( swallowing , swelling )
66-British schools are now required by----- to publish their exam results .
( low , law )
67-She suffered from a----- heart .
( weak . week )
68-He gave his children the best education that money can----- .
( by , bye , buy )
69-Very small toys can----- a baby .
( chalk , cheek , choke )
70-She still sucks her----- when she is worried .
( thumb , thump )
71-I ll make a note about our next meeting in my----- .
( dairy , diary )
72-All the windows----- with the force of the blast .
( break , brake )
73-She has served an engineering----- for five years .
( farm , from , form , firm )
74-You would never----- that she had problems .
( guest , guess )
75-The trees were swaying in the----- .
( wind , wound )

The answers are :

34-cop 35-defend 36-hostile 37-reproach 38-beard 39-lion 40-stall 41-notes 42-bait 43-ward 44-hope 45-disguise 46-follow 47-prophet 48-meter 49-breed 50-quiet 51-cells 52-lesson 53-enable 54-single 55-reeds 56-support 57-draught 58-warn 59-tale 60-lamp 61-symbol 62-peace 63-curse 64-serious 65-swalloing 66-law 67-weak 68-buy 69-choke 70-thumb 71-diary 72-break 73-firm 74-guess 75-wind

More Puzzled Words

1-lest , least , less , last
2-remain , remind , remember
3-cellar , seller , sailor
4-insistence , assistance
5-plea , please
6-sum , some , same
7-fell , fall , feel , felt , file , full
8-event , invent , invite
9-lose , loss , loose
10-carried , cried
11-tired , tried
12-pin , pine
13-there , their
14-her , hair
15-see , sea
16-as well , as well as
17-its , its
18-crown , crow , crew
19-nose , noise
20-past , paste , passed
21-tube , top , tap
22-both , bath , bathe
23-lake , luck , like , look , lick , lock
24-rain , run , ruin
25-sight , soot , seat , sit , sat
26-cost , coast , cast

Q 9 \\\
Give each word in List A its meaning from List B :
List A
1-all day long 2-ask for 3-in charge of 4-break into 5-to call up 6-catch fire 7-keep an eye on 8-keep in mind 9-keep in touch with 10-look after 11-look at 12-look down 13-look into 14-look out 15-look over 16-look up to 17-pick up 18-put on 19-put out 20-look up a word

List B
a-search for it (especially in a dictionary) b-wear c-admire Or respect d-be careful e-scorn f-take care of g-remember
h-begin to burn i-enter by force j-request k-continuously
l-responsible for m-to telephone n-watch o-contact p-direct the eyes towards q-examine carefully r-review s-snatch t-extinguish

The answers are :

1-k 2-j 3-l 4-i 5-m 6-h 7-n 8-g 9-o 10-f 11-p 12-e 13-q 14-d 15-r 16-c 17-s 18-b 19-t 20-a

More Synonyms

1-a matter of fact = really
2-at all = in any degree
3-at first = originally
4-at last = finally
5-believe in = accept as true
6-break out = occur suddenly
7-bring up = rear Or raise up
8-burst out = begin suddenly
9-catch cold = become sick with the cold
10-cut off = remove by cutting the ends
11-die out = disappear gradually
12-do ones best = try as hard as he can
13-fall in love with = begin to love
14-fond of = interested in
15-get away = escape
16-get back = return
17-get in = enter Or arrive
18-get off = leave
19-get on = enter (ship , train , car , plane )
20-get over = recover from
21-get rid of = become free from
22-give in = surrender
23-give up = stop
24-go on = continue
25-go out = stop burning
26-had better = advisable for
27-make fun of = laugh at
28-run out of = finish ones supply
29-save up = put money aside
30-see off = go to a train or a boat to say good bye to someone
31-set out = leave
32-take part = participate
33-take apart = separate
34-take care of = watch or pay attention
35-take hold of = grasp
36-take into consideration = take into account
37-take off = leave the ground
38-take place = happen or occur
39-throw out = dismiss
40-turn down = reduce in speed or volume
41-mixed up = confused
42-keep in touch with = communicate or contact
43-talk over = discuss
44-made up ones mind = decided
45-by oneself = alone

Q 10 \\\
In each group , three of the words have about the same meaning .
Write the word which has a different meaning .
1-walk , march , stand , run
2-kind , number , type , sort
3-way , habit , custom , customer
4-prevent , protect , watch , guard
5-clerk , manager , job , secretary
6-nice , agreeable , pleasant , generous
7-beg , present , persuade , ask
8-direction , order , obedience , command
9-distance , measure , amount , quantity
10-mainly , probably , mostly , largely
11-fully , fairly , wholly , totally
12-coast , shore , cashier , beach
13-error , mistake , erect , fault
14-equip , supply , provide , prevent
15-heavy , glad , happy , joyful

The answers are :

1-stand 2-number 3-customer 4-prevent 5-job 6-generous 7-present 8-obedience 9-distance 10-probably 11-fairly
12-cashier 13-erect 14-prevent 15-heavy


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Unit One

Note \\\ v . = verb \ n . = noun \ adj. = adjective
Adv. = adverb \ pl. = plural \ sing. = singular
p. = past \ p.p. = past participle

1-comprehension n. \ comprehend v.
2-life n. \ live v. \ alive adj.
3-away adv. \ way n.
4-dentist n. \ dental adj.
5-selection n. \ select v.
6- take took taken
7- get got got
8-notice v. n.
9-relatives n. \ relations n. \ relate v.
10-south n. \ southern adj.
11-this sing. \ these pl. \ that sing. \ those pl.
12-insistence n. \ insist v.
13-embarrassment n. \ embarrass v.
14-hurriedly adv. \ hurry v.
15- find found found
16-practice n. \ practise v. \ practical adj. \ practicality n.
17-classify v. \ class n. \ classification n. \
Classical adj.
18-express v. \ expression n.
19-describe v. \ de******ion n.
20-second n. \ secondary adj.
21-prepare v. \ preparation n. \ preparatory adj.
22-vocation n. \ vocational adj.
23-offer v. n.
24-divide V. \ division n. \ divisible adj.
25-literary adj. \ literature n.
26-science n. \ scientific adj. \ scientist n.
27-commerce n. \ commercial adj.
28-industry n. \ industrial adj.
29-agriculture n. \ agricultural adj.
30-Ex. = Exercise \
31-e.g. = for example
32-educate v. \ education n. \ educational adj.
33-examine v. \ examination n.
34-rob v. \ robbery n.
35-reception n. \ receptionist n. \ receive v.
36-type v. \ typist n. \ typewriter n.
37-vary v. \ various adj. \ variety n.
38-accommodate v. \ accommodation n.
39-engine n. \ engineer n. \ engineering n.
40-electricity n. \ electric adj. \ electrical adj.
41-mechanic n. \ mechanical adj. \ machine n.
42-chemistry n. \ chemist n. \ chemical adj.
43-carry v. \ carriage n.
44-basis sing. \ bases pl.
45-inform v. \ information n.
46- give gave given
47-transport v. \ transportation n.
48-voice n. \ voiced adj.
49- show showed shown
50-introduction n. \ introduce v.
51-conversation n. \ converse v.
52-form n. \ formal adj. \ formation n.
53-assist v. \ assistant n. \ assistance n.
54-strange adj. \ stranger n.
55-respond v. \ response n.
56-manage v. \ manager n.
57-accountant n. \ account n. \ count v.
58-library n. \ librarian n.
59-use n. v. \ useful adj.
60- take took taken
61-dread n. \ dreadful adj.
62- meet met met
63-sun n. \ sunny adj.
64-length n. \ long v.
65-*** good better best
66-fly v. \ flight n.
67-suit v. \ suitable adj.
68-compose v. \ composition n.
69-sure adj. \ ensure v.
70-school n. \ scholar n. \ scholarship n.
71-visit v. n.
72-study v. n.
73- think thought thought
74-nation n. \ national adj.
75-asleep adj. \ sleep v.

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Unit Two

1-south n. \ southern adj.
2-large adj. \ enlarge v.
3-beauty n. \ beautiful adj.
4-Sumer n. \ Sumerian adj.
5-Babylon n. \ Babylonian adj.
6-Assyria n. \ Assyrian adj.
7-attract v. \ attractive adj. \ attraction n.
8-seek sought sought
9-mortal adj. \ mortality n.
10-nation n. \ national adj. \ nationality n.
11-discover v. \ discovery n.
12-canoe v. n.
13-prong n. \ pronged adj.
14-reed n. \ reedy adj.
15-tread trod trodden
16-force v. n. \ inforce v.
17-neighbour n. \ neighbouring adj.
18-exploit v. \ exploitation n.
19-possess v. \ possession n. \ possessive adj.
possessor n.
20-distribute v . \ distribution n.
21-produce v. \ production n.
22-economy n. \ economic adj.
23-provide v. \ provision n.
24-negate v. \ negative adj. \ negation n.
25-lie lied lied
26-lie lay lay
27-lay laid laid
28-love v. n. \ lovable adj.
29-continue v . \ continuous adj.
30-noise n. \ noisy adj.
31-simple adj. \ simply adv.
32-hate v. \ hatred n. \ hateful adj.
33-arrange v. \ arrangement n.
34-safe adj. \ safety n.
35-wise adj. \ wisdom n.
36-whole adj. \ wholly adv.
37-awe n. \ awful adj.
38-true adj. \ truth n. \ truly adv.
39-argue v. \ argument n.
40-notice v. n. \ noticeable adj.
41-manage v. \ manageable adj.
42-courage n. \ courageous adj.
43-advantage n. \ advantageous adj.
44-practice n. \ practise v. \ practical adj. \
practicable adj. \ practicality n.
45-keep kept kept
46-go went gone
47-invite v. \ invitation n.
48-dine v. \ dinner n.
49-pleasure n. \ pleased adj. \ pleasant adj. \
please v.
50-refuse v. \ refusal n.
51-explain v. \ explanation n.
52-accept v. \ acceptance n.
53-help v. n.
54-develop v. \ development n.
55-Germany n. \ German adj.
56-hard adj. adv.
57-advise v. \ advice n.

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Unit Three

1-geometry n. \ geometrical adj.
2-define v. \ definition n.
3-deal dealt dealt
4-elementary adj. \ element n.
5-real adj. \ reality n. \ realize v.
6-dimension n. \ dimensional adj.
7-triangle n. \ triangular adj.
8-circle n. \ circular adj.
9-long adj. \ length n.
10-wide adj. \ width n.
11-thick adj. \ thickness n
12-deep adj. \ depth n.
13-line n. \ lineal adj.
14-vertical adj. \ vertic n.
15-horizontal adj. \ horizon n.
16-curved adj. \ curve n.
17-parallel adj. \ parallelogram n.
18-measure v. n. \ measured adj. \
measurement n.
19-equal adj. n.
20-square adj. n.
21-rectangle n. \ rectangular adj.
22-opposite adj. \ oppose v. \ opposition n.
23-chemist n. \ chemical adj. \ chemistry n.
24-compose v. \ composition n.
25-consume v. \ consumption n.
26-produce v. \ production n.
27-distribute v \ distribution n.
28-know v. \ knowledge n.
29-heat n. \ hot adj.
30-phenomena n.(pl.) \ phenomenon n.(sing.)
31-suggest v. \ suggestion n.
32-act v. \ active adj. \ activity n. \ action n. \ actor n. \ actress n.
33-feet n(pl.) \ foot n.(sing.)
34-rest v. n.
35-youth n. \ young adj.
36-honest adj. \ honour n.
37-selection n. \ select v.
The Spelling Of Check Point 1 Page 43
38-respond v. \ response n.
39-flight n. \ fly v.
40-historical adj. \ history n.
41-British adj. \ Britain n.
42-show v. n.
43-carry v. n.
44-display v. n.
45-public n. adj.
46- buy bought bought
47-security n. \ secure adj.
48-lift n. v.
49-wave n. v.

Unit Four
1-radius n.(sing.) \ radii n.(pl.)
2-solve v. \ solution n.
3- take took taken
4-cube n. \ cubic adj.
5- forbid forbade forbidden
6- win won won
7-compare v. \ comparison n. \ comparative adj.
8-differ v. \ difference n. \ different adj.
9-prefer v. \ preference n.
10-height n. \ high adj.
11-produce v. \ product n. \ production n.
12-distance n. \ distant adj.
13-beg v. \ beggar n.
14-fit v. \ fitter n.
15-win v. \ winner n.
16-permit v. \ permission n.
17-regret v. \= regrettable adj.
18-jewel n. \ jeweller n.
19-marvel n. \ marvellous adj.
20-happy adj. \ happiness n.
21-joy n. \ joyful adj. \ enjoy v.
22-similar adj. \ similarity n.
23-lens n.(sing.)
24-accurate adj. \ accuracy n.
25-expensive adj. \ expense n.
26-easy adj. \ easily adv.
27-comfort v. n. \ comfortable adj.
28- good better best
29- much more most
30-( do , does , did ) v. \ deed n.
31-sing v. \ song n. \ singer n.
32-tie v. n.
33-social adj. \ society n.
34- sweep swept swept
35-men n.(pl.) \ man n.(sing.)
36-telephone v. n.
37-smoke v. n.
38-play v. n. \ player n.
39-classical adj. \ class n.
40-music n. \ musician n.
41- bad worse worst
42- far farther farthest
43- little less least
44- many more most

Unit Five

1-attempt v. n.
2-try v. \ trial n.
3-speech n. \ speak v.
4-record v. n. \ recorder n.
5-invent v. \ invention n. \ inventor n.
6-light v. n.
7-simplify v. \ simple adj.
8-Egyption adj. \ Egypt n.
9-alphabetic adj. \ alphabet n.
10-east n. \ eastern adj.
11-direction n. \ direct v. \ director n.
12-practical adj. \ practicality n.
13-Chinese adj. \ China n.
14-combine v. \ combination n.
15-ox n.(sing.) \ oxen n.(pl.)
16-Greek adj. \ Greece n.
17-origin n. \ original adj.
18-like v. adj. \ likely adj. \ likelihood n.
19- forget forgot forgotten
20-treat v. \ treatment n.
21-health n. \ healthy adj. \ heal v.
22-probable adj. \ probably adj. \ probability n.
23-cloudy adj. \ cloud n.
24-certain adj. \ certainly adv. \ certainty n.
25-fast adj. adv.
26-discussion n. \ discuss v.
Unit Six

1-contribution n. \ contribute v.
2-medical adj. \ medicine n.
3-infection n. \ infect v.
4-prove v. \ proof n.
5- spread spread spread
6-discover v. \ discovery n.
7-fermentation n. \ ferment v.
8-believe v. \ belief n.
9-creature n. \ create v. \ creator n. \ creative adj.
10-result v. n.
11-decay v. n.
12-cause v. n.
13-generation n. \ generate v.
14- lea led led
15-pasteurization n. \ pasteurize v.
16-process n. \ procession n.
17- bread bred bred
18- grow grew grown
19-grow v. \ growth n.
20-bacteria n.(pl.) \ bacterium n.(sing.)
21-experiment v. n. \ experimental adj.
22-inoculation n. \ inoculate v.
23-information n. \ inform v.
24-excessive adj. \ excess n. \ exceed v.
25-urgent adj. \ urgently adv. \ urge v.
26-lazy adj. \ laziness n.
27-hesitate v. \ hesitation n.
28-jealous adj. \ jealousy n.
29-lonely adj. \ loneliness n.
30-ship n. \ shipment n.
31-stop v. n. \ stoppage n.
32- lose lost lost
33-delay v. n.
34-satisfy v. \ satisfaction n.
35-just adj. \ justice n.
36-digest v. \ digestion n.
37-fail v. \ failure n.
38-change v. n.
39-cold v. n.
40-expose v. \ exposure n.
41-burn v. n.
42-work v. n.
43-ill adj. \ illness n.
44-crash v. n.
45-care v. n. \ careless adj. \ careful adj. \
carelessness n.
46-explode v. \ explosion n.
47-rise v. n.
48-direct v. \ director n. \ direction n.
49- drive drove driven
50-wonder v. \ wonderful adj.
51-fun n. \ funny adj.
52-effect n. \ affect v.
53-cheer n. v. \ cheerful adj.
54-rest v. n. \ restful adj.
55-worry v. n. \ worried adj.
56-child n.(sing.) \ children n.(pl.)
57-marry v. \ marriage n.
58-grade n. \ gradual adj. \ graduate v. \ gradually adv.
59-arrogance n. \ arrogant adj.
60-elegance n. \ elegant adj.
61-absence n. \ absent adj.
62-silence n. \ silent adj.
63-violence n. \ violent adj.
64-ignore v. \ ignorance n. \ ignorant adj.
65-innocence n. \ innocent adj.
66-advise v. \ advice n. \ advisable adj.
67-agree v. \ agreement n. \ agreeable adj.
68-value v. n. \ valuation n. \ valuable adj.
69-rely v. \ reliable adj.
70-profit n. \ profitable adj.
71-desire v. n. \ desirable adj.
72-respect v. n. \ respectable adj.
73-digest v. \ digestion n. \ digestible adj.
74-divide v. \ division n. \ divisible adj.
75-horror n. \ horrible adj. \ horrify v.
76-terror n. \ terrible adj. \ terrify v.
77-vision n. \ visible adj.
78-sense n. \ sensible adj. \ sensitive adj.
79-drought n. \ dry adj.
80-skill n. \ skilful adj.
Skill + full = skilful
The Spelling Of Check Point 2 \ Page 79
81-novel n. \ novelist n.
82-wait v. \ waitress n. \ waiter n.
83-press v. \ pressure n.
84-prevent v. \ prevention n.
85-weigh v. \ weight n.
86-result v. n.
87-inherit v. \ inheritance n.
88-succeed v. \ success n. \ successful adj.
89- think thought thought
90-test v. n.
91- sit sat sat

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Unit SevenSpelling1- mean meant meant2- sit sat sat3-electricity n. \ electric adj.4-demand v. n.5-call v. n.6-luck n. \ lucky adj. \ luckily adv.7- leave left left8- spend spent spent9-sale n. \ sell v. \ seller n.10-store v. n. \ storage n.11- buy bought bought12- get got got13-bargain v. n.14-finance n. \ financial adj.15-responsible adj. \ responsibility n.16-realize v. \ real adj. \ reality n.17-cost v. n.18- take took taken19-rent v. n.20-important adj. \ importance n.21-guide v. \ guidance n.22-expend v. \ expenditure n.23-aside adv. \ side n.24-assure v. \ assurance n.25-allocate v. \ allocation n.26-request v. n.27-pay v. \ payment n.28-book v. n.29-organize v. \ organization n.30-reason v. n. \ reasonable adj.31-increase v. n.32-supply v. n.33-domestic adj. \ domesticate v. \ domestically adv.34-report v. n.35-help v. n. \ helpful adj. \ helpless adj.36-pronounce v. \ pronunciation n.37- throw threw thrown38- ride rode ridden39-rod n.40-cross v. \ across n.41-long adj. \ along adv.42-move v. \ movement n.Unit EightSpelling1-commercial adj. \ commerce n.2-lose v. \ loss n.3-thief n. \ theft n.4-fire v. n.5- keep kept kept6-English adj. \ England n.7-Italy n. \ Italian adj.8-origin n. \ original adj. \ originally adv.9- come came come10-change v. n. \ changer n.11-use v. n. \ useful adj.12-busy adj. \ business n.13-interest v. n.14-borrow v. \ borrower n.15-promise v. n.16-account n. \ accountant n. \ count v.17-type v. n. \ typist n.18-able adj. \ enable v. \ ability n.19-notice v. n. \ notify v.20-sign v. \ signature n.21-day n. \ daily adj.22-advance v. n.23-intend v. \ intention n.24-withdraw v. \ withdrawal n.25- withdraw withdrew withdrawn26-bake v. \ baker n.27-pray v. \ prayer n.28-bitter adj. \ bitterly adv. \ bitterness n.29-hammer v. n.30-farm n. \ farmer n.31-pass v. \ passage n. \ passenger n.32-conduct v. \ conductor n.33-sail v. n. \ sailor n.34-dress v. n.35-breathe v. \ breath n.36-capable adj. \ capacity n.37-walk v. n.38- lend lent lent39- tear tore torn40-love v. n. \ lover n. \ lovely adj. \ lovable adj.41- bend bent bent42-converse v. \ conversation n.43-crowd n. \ crowded adj.44-apologize v. \ apology n.45-step v. n.46- say said said47- pay paid paid

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Unit Nine
1-surprise v. n. \ surprised adj.
2-sight n. \ see v.
3-nature n. \ natural adj.
4-acknowledge v. \ knowledge n. \ know v.
5-occasion n. \ occasional adj. \ occasionally adv.
6-* fight fought fought
7-* wake woke woken
8-* tell told told
9-tell v. \ tale n. \ teller n.
10-gratitude n. \ grateful adj. \ gratefulness n.
11-destroy v. \destruction n. \destructible adj. \destructive adj.
12-form v. n.
13-pride n. \ proud adj.
14-law n. \ lawyer n. \ lawful adj.
15-part n. \ apart adv.
16-ruin v. n. \ ruined adj. \ ruinous adj.
17-confess v. \ confession n.
18-brief adj. \ briefly adv.
19-* write wrote written
20-complain v. \ complaint n.
21-watch v. n.
22-pain n. \ painful adj.
23-kind n. adj.
24-sick adj. \ sickness n.
25-person n. \ personal adj. \ personality n.
26-clear adj. \ clarify v. \ clarity n.
27-pleasure n. \ pleasant adj. \pleased adj. \please v.
28-part n.\partial adj.\
29-medical adj.\medicine n.
30-treat v.\treatment n.
31-manage v.\manager n.
32-reason v. n.\reasonable adj.
33-wonder n.\wonderful adj.
34-good adj.\well adv.
35-educate v.\education n.
36-compulsory adj. \ compel v. \ compulsorily adv.
37-plan v. n.
38-apply v. \ application n.
39-believe v. \ belief n.
40-boring adj. \ bored adj.
41-succeed v. \ success n. \ successful adj.
42-brave adj. \ bravery n.
43-favour v. n. \ favourable adj. \ favourite n. adj.
44-head n. \ ahead adv.
45-equip v. \ equipment n.
46-* equip equip equip
47-sense n. \ sensible adj. \ sensitive adj. \ sensibility n.
48-promote v. \ promotion n.
49-store v. n. \ storage n.
50-place v. n.
51-prove v. \ proof n.
52-power n. \ powerful adj.
53-defend v. \ defence n.
54-difficult adj. \ difficulty n.
55-discover v. \ discovery n.
56-depend v. \ dependant n. \ dependence n.
57-noisy adj. \ noise n.
58-kph = kilometre per hour
59-part n. \ partial adj.
60-effect n. \ affect v. \ effective adj.
61-serve v. \ service n. \ servant n.
The Spelling Of Check Point 3 Page 113
62-populate v. \ population n.
63-human adj. \ humanity n. \ human being n.
64-high adj. \ height n.
65-work v. n.
66-linguistic n. \ linguist n. \ language n.
67-* break broke broken
68-respond v. \ response n.
69-* sink sank sunk
70-examine v. \ examination n.
71-office n. \ official adj.
72-reception n. \ receptionist n.
73-beauty n. \ beautiful adj.
74-suggest v. \ suggestion n.
75-curse v. n.
76-I . D. = Iraqi Dinar

Unit Ten
1-aid v. n.
2-medical adj. \ medicine n.
3-science n. \ scientist n. \ scientific adj.
4-treat v. \ treatment n.
5-* give gave given
6-sudden adj. \ suddenly adv.
7-ill adj. \ illness n.
8-possible adj. \ possibility n.
9-patient n. adj.
10-immediate adj. \ immediately adv.
11-injure v. \ injury n. \ injured adj.
12-profession n. \ professional adj.
13-life n. \ live v. \ alive adj. \ living adj.
14-prevent v. \ prevention n.
15-arrive v. \ arrival n.
16-important adj. \ importance n.
17-person n. \ personal adj. \ personality n.
18-remain v. n. \ remainder n.
19-grow v. \ growth n.
20-fright n. \ frighten v. \ frightened adj.
21-succeed v. \ success n. \ successful adj.
22-consider v. \ consideration n. \ considerable adj.
23-danger n. \ dangerous adj.
24-care v. n. \ careful adj. \ careless adj. \ carelessness n.
25-comfort v. n. \ comfortable adj.
26-die v. \ dead adj. \ death n.
27-suffocate v. \ suffocation n.
28-bleed v. \ bleeding n. \ blood n.
29-* bleed bled bled
30-urge v. \ urgent adj. \ urgently adv. \ urgency n.
31-cut v. n.
32-wound v. n.
33-skin n. \ skinny adj.
34-* break broke broken
35-scratch v. n.
36-can v. n.
37-enter v. \ entrance n.
38-pain n. \ painful adj.
39-heal v. \ health n. \ healthy adj.
40-occasion n. \ occasional adj. \ occasionally adv.
41-cause v. n.
42-poison n. \ poisonous adj.
43-neglect v. \ neglectful adj. \ neglectfulness n.
44-clean v. adj.
45-sterile v. \ sterilize v. \ sterilized adj.
46-* make made made
47-place v. n.
48-bandage v. n.
49-rust n. \ rusty adj.
50-dirty adj. \ dirt n.
51-infect v. \ infection n.
52-fail v. \ failure n.
53-continue v. \ continuous adj.
54-stop v. n. \ stoppage n.
55-firm adj. n. \ firmly adv. \ firmness n.
56-press v. \ pressure n.
57-cover v. n.
58-* hurt hurt hurt
59-thick adj. \ thickness n.
60-tight adj. \ tightly adv. \ tighten v.
61-* leave left left
62-inform v. \ information n.
63-* put put put
64-Palestine n. \ Palestinian adj.
65-prison n. \ prisoner n. \ imprison v.
66-cruel adj. \ cruelty n.
67-sleep v. n.
68-advice n. \ advise v.
69-serious adj. \ seriously adv.
70-rain v. n.
71-silent adj. \ silence n.
72-combine v. \ combination n.
73-* write wrote written
74-foreign adj. \ foreigner n.
75-end v. n.
76-comb v. n.
77-knee n. \ kneel v.
78-* kneel knelt knelt
79-know v. \ knowledge n.
80-knock v. n.
81-answer v. n.
82-honest n. \ honour n. \ honourable adj.
83-practice n. \ practise v.
84-oblige v. \ obligation n. \ obligatory adj.
85-late adj. adv.
86-terrible adj. \ terribly adv. \ terrify v.
87-dentist n. \ dental adj.
88-detail n. \ detailed adj.
89-weight n. \ weigh v.
90-sight n. \ see v.
91-prohibit v. \ prohibition n.
92-move v. \ movement n.
93-justify v. \ justification n.
94-close adj. v.
95-exceed v. \ excess n. \ excessive adj.
96-release v. n.
97-* do did done
98-examine v. \ examination n.
99-* take took taken
100-* go went gone
101-* get got got
102-* have had had
103-* catch caught caught
104-necessary adj. \ necessity n.
105-* buy bought bought
106-tie v. n.
107-* drive drove driven
108-fast adj. adv.
109-lift v. n.
110-cough v. n.
111-request v. n.
112-mind v. n.
113-wonder v. \ wonderful adj.
114-permit v. \ permission n.
115-ahead adv. \ head n.
116-converse v. \ conversation n.
117-differ v. \ different adj. \ difference n.
118-sharp adj. \ sharpen v.
119-calculate v. \ calculation n. \ calculator n.

16-06-2011, 06:12 PM
Unit Seven

1- mean meant meant
2- sit sat sat
3-electricity n. \ electric adj.
4-demand v. n.
5-call v. n.
6-luck n. \ lucky adj. \ luckily adv.
7- leave left left
8- spend spent spent
9-sale n. \ sell v. \ seller n.
10-store v. n. \ storage n.
11- buy bought bought
12- get got got
13-bargain v. n.
14-finance n. \ financial adj.
15-responsible adj. \ responsibility n.
16-realize v. \ real adj. \ reality n.
17-cost v. n.
18- take took taken
19-rent v. n.
20-important adj. \ importance n.
21-guide v. \ guidance n.
22-expend v. \ expenditure n.
23-aside adv. \ side n.
24-assure v. \ assurance n.
25-allocate v. \ allocation n.
26-request v. n.
27-pay v. \ payment n.
28-book v. n.
29-organize v. \ organization n.
30-reason v. n. \ reasonable adj.
31-increase v. n.
32-supply v. n.
33-domestic adj. \ domesticate v. \ domestically adv.
34-report v. n.
35-help v. n. \ helpful adj. \ helpless adj.
36-pronounce v. \ pronunciation n.
37- throw threw thrown
38- ride rode ridden
39-rod n.
40-cross v. \ across n.
41-long adj. \ along adv.
42-move v. \ movement n.

Unit Eight

1-commercial adj. \ commerce n.
2-lose v. \ loss n.
3-thief n. \ theft n.
4-fire v. n.
5- keep kept kept
6-English adj. \ England n.
7-Italy n. \ Italian adj.
8-origin n. \ original adj. \ originally adv.
9- come came come
10-change v. n. \ changer n.
11-use v. n. \ useful adj.
12-busy adj. \ business n.
13-interest v. n.
14-borrow v. \ borrower n.
15-promise v. n.
16-account n. \ accountant n. \ count v.
17-type v. n. \ typist n.
18-able adj. \ enable v. \ ability n.
19-notice v. n. \ notify v.
20-sign v. \ signature n.
21-day n. \ daily adj.
22-advance v. n.
23-intend v. \ intention n.
24-withdraw v. \ withdrawal n.
25- withdraw withdrew withdrawn
26-bake v. \ baker n.
27-pray v. \ prayer n.
28-bitter adj. \ bitterly adv. \ bitterness n.
29-hammer v. n.
30-farm n. \ farmer n.
31-pass v. \ passage n. \ passenger n.
32-conduct v. \ conductor n.
33-sail v. n. \ sailor n.
34-dress v. n.
35-breathe v. \ breath n.
36-capable adj. \ capacity n.
37-walk v. n.
38- lend lent lent
39- tear tore torn
40-love v. n. \ lover n. \ lovely adj. \ lovable adj.
41- bend bent bent
42-converse v. \ conversation n.
43-crowd n. \ crowded adj.
44-apologize v. \ apology n.
45-step v. n.
46- say said said
47- pay paid paid
I am re-sending the spelling of unit 7 and unit 8 for a better arrangement .

18-06-2011, 06:00 PM
Unit Eleven

1-breathe v. \ breath n.
2-danger n. \ dangerous adj.
3-suffocate v. \ suffocation n.
4-object v. n.
5-block v. \ blockage n.
6-pass v. \ passage n.
7-poison n. \ poisonous adj.
8-electic adj. \ electricity n.
9-shock v. n.
10-fall v. n.
11-earth n. \ earthly adj.
12-severe adj. \ severity n.
13-crowd n. \ crowded adj.
14-* take took taken
15-food n. \ feed v.
16-* feed fed fed
17-obstruct v. \ obstruction n. \ obstructive adj.
18-* lean leant leant
19-* hold held held
20-burn v. n. \ burned adj.
21-radiate v. \ radiation n. \ radiator n.
22-chemistry n. \ chemist n. \ chemical adj. \ chemicals n.
( often plural ) \ chemically adv.
23-red adj. \ redden v.
24-rescue v. n. \ rescuer n.
25-heat n. \ hot adj.
26-cold adj. n.
27-soothe v. \ soothing adj.
28-apply v. \ application n.
29-infect v. \ infection n.
30-* burst burst burst
31-blister v. n.
32-* break broke broken
33-lose v. \ loss n.
34-experience n. \ experienced adj.
35-attempt v. n.
36-still adj. \ stillness n.
37-* burn burnt burnt
38-authorize v. \ author n. \ authoress n. \ authority n.
39-test v. n.
40-result v. n.
41-inject v. \ injection n.
42-operate v. \ operation n.
43-accountant n. \ account n. \ count v.
44-firm n. adj.
45-note n. \ notice v. n. \ notify v.
46-govern v. \ governor n. \ governorate n.\government n.
47-* send sent sent
48-order v. n.
49-appear v. \ appearance n.
50-burn v. \ burner n.
51-light v. n.
52-* light lit lit
53-* sink sank sunk
54-logic n. \ logical adj.
55-* begin began begun
56-low adj. \ lower v.
57-steam n. \ steamer n.
58-survive v. \ survivor n.

Unit Twelve

1-think v. \ thinker n. \ thought n.
2-* think thought thought
3-Europe n. \ European adj.
4-* bear bore born
5-* bear bore borne
6-Spain n. \ Spanish adj.
7-wide adj. \ width n.
8-educate v. \ education n.
9-Arab n. adj. \ Arabic adj.
10-literature n. \ literary adj.
11-philosophy n. \ philosophical adj. \ philosopher n.
12-Islam n. \ Islamic adj.
13-judge v. n.
14-* be was been
15-* be were been
16-* hold held held
17-law n. \ lawyer n. \ lawful adj.
18-clear adj. \ clarify v. \ clarity n.
19-penetrate v. \ penetrating adj.
20-influence v. n. \ influential adj.
21-Christ n. \ Christian adj.
22-* write wrote written
23-comment v. \ commentary n.
24-Aristotle n. \ Aristotelian adj.
25-translate v. \ translation n.
26-* become became become
27-good adj. \ well adv.
28-* know knew known
29-main adj. \ mainly adv.
30-present v. n.
31-religion n. \ religious adj.
32-faith n. \ faithful adj. \ faithfulness n.
33-reason v. n. \ reasonable adj.
34-relate v. \ relation n.
35-famous adj. \ fame n.
36-real adj. \ reality n. \ realize v.
37-create v. \ creation n. \ creator n. \ creative adj.
38-various adj. \ vary v. \ variety n.
39-know v. \ knowledge n.
40-practise v. \ practice n.
41-office n. \ official adj.
42-contain v. \ contents n.
43-Greek adj. \ Greece n.
44-Persia n. \ Persian adj.
45-* meet met met
46-strike v. n. \ striking adj. \ strikingly adv.
47-* strike struck struck (or stricken )
48-rub v. \ rubber n.
49-commerce n. \ commercial adj.
50-hammer v. n.
51-accommodate v. \ accommodation n.
52-add v. \ addition n.
53-address v. n.
54-* swell swelled swollen
55-intelligent adj. \ intelligence n.
56-illustrate v. \ illustration n.
57-struggle v. n.
58-hard adj. adv. \ hardness n. \ harden v.
59-impress v. \ impression n.
60-accustom v. \ custom n.
61-accompany v. \ company n. \ companion n.
62-penny n.(sing.) \ pence n.(plural)
63-innocence n. \ innocent adj.
64-oppose v. \ opposite adj. \ opposition n.
65-approve v. \ approval n.
66-efficient adj. \ efficiency n.
67-offend v. \ offence n.
68-arrest v. n.
69-carry v. \ carriage n. \ carrier n.
70-marry v. \ marriage n.
71-terror n. \ terrible adj. \ terrify v. \ terrorist n.
72-support v. n. \ supporter n.
73-control v. n.
74-safe adj. \ safety n. \ safely adv.
75-walk v. n.
76-heavy adj. \ heavily adv.
77-decide v. \ decision n.
78-difficult adj. \ difficulty n.
79-correct v. adj.
80-attend v. \ attention n. \ attentive adj.
81-smell v. n.
82-sound v. n.
83-look v. n.
84-conclude v. \ conclusion n.
85-* feed fed fed
86-* forget forgot forgotten
87-* grow grew grown
88-steady adj. \ steadily adv.
89-* drink drank drunk
90-fool n. \ foolish adj.

22-06-2011, 06:09 PM
Unit Thirteen

1-dance v. n.
2-stir v. n.
3-run v.\ runner n.
4-except v. \ exception n.
5-set v. n.
6-* set set set
7-bee n.(sing.) \ bees n.(pl.)
8-ebb v. n.
9-hope v. n.
10-bike = bicycle
11-face v. n.
12-wealth n. \ wealthy adj.
13-name v. n.
14-mouse n.(sing.) \ mice n.(pl.)
15-* rise rose risen
16-unit n. \ unity n. \ unify v. \ unite v.
17-threat n. \ threaten v.
18-well n. adv.
19-Christ n. \ Christian adj.
20-* swim swam swum
21-brake v. n.
22-increase v. n.
23-enter v. \ entrance n.
24-swim v. \ swimmer n.
25-drive v. \ driver n.
26-collect v. \ collection n. \ collector n.
27-drink v. n.
28-romantic adj. \ romance n.
29-choose v. \ choice n.
30-* give gave given
31-try v. \ trial n.
32-discus v. \ discussion n.
33-bear v. \ birth n.
34-play v. n. \ playful adj.
35-joy n. \ joyful adj. \ enjoy v. \ enjoyment n.
36-annoy v. \ annoyance n.
37-mercy n. \ merciful adj.
13.13 \\ Page 154
The answers are :
1-deceive 2-height 3-belief 4-seize 5-chief 6-ceiling 7-foreign 8-science 9-forfeit 10-neither 11-receive 12-either
13.16 \\ Page 154
The answers are :
1-tidiest 2-happily 3-academies 4-trying 5-carries 6-playful 7-hurried 8-playing 9-relying 10-denied 11-simplified 12-enjoyment 13-annoyance 14-beautiful 15-merciful 16-studies 17-application 18-universities

Unit Fourteen

1-dictate v. \ dictation n.
2-courage n. \ courageous adj. \ encourage v.
3-copy v. n.
4-pin v. n.
5-back v. n.
6-bright adj. \ brightness n.
7-quick adj. \ quickly adv. \ quickness n.
8-strong adj. \ strength n. \ strengthen v.
9-intelligent adj. \ intelligence n.
10-admire v. \ admiration n. \ admirable adj.
11-wash v. n. \ washable adj.
12-divide v. \ division n. \ divisible adj.

Unit Fifteen

1-favour n. \ favourable adj.
2-travel v. n. \ traveller n.
3-politic adj. \ political adj. \ politician n.
4-rob v. \ robbery n.
5-* hurt hurt hurt
6-* hear heard heard
7-progress v. n. \ progressive adj.
8-patriot n. \ patriotic adj.
9-revolt v. \ revolution n. \ revolutionary adj.
10-* win won won
11-* learn learnt learnt
12-mix v. \ mixture n. \ mixed adj.
13-separate v. adj.
14-man n.(sing.) \ men n.(pl.)
15-woman n.(sing.) \ women n.(pl.)
16-wicked adj. \ wickedness n.
15.8 \\ Page 162
The answers are :
1-annoyance 2-rubber 3-geometry 4-suffering 5-apologizing 6-dimension 7-professional 8-college 9-address 10-careful 11-immediately 12-struggle 13-suffocation 14-getting 15-reffered 16-happy 17-problem 18-successful 19-tunnel 20-cross
Merchant Of Venice

1-heiress n.(female) \ heir n.(male)
2-mistress n.(female) \ master n.(male) \ mister n.(title , Mr.)
3-heroine n.(female) \ hero n.(male)
4-Venice n. \ Venetian adj.
5-generous adj. \ generosity n.
6-inherit v. \ inheritance n.
7-trouble v. n.
8-* spend spent spent
9-* lend lent lent
10-compete v. \ competition n.
11-sympathy n. \ sympathetic adj. \ sympathetically adv.
12-secure adj. \ security n.
13-dream v. n.
14-tempt v. \ temptation n.
15-relieve v. \ relief n.
16-wealth n. \ wealthy adj.
17-* spit spat spat
18-scorn n. \ scornful adj.
19-little adj. \ less adj. \ lessen v.
20-formal adj. \ formality n.
21-worth n. \ worthy adj.
22-high adj. \ highness n. \ height n.
23-victory n. \ victorious adj.
24-dice n.(pl.) \ die n.(sing.)

24-06-2011, 03:29 PM
25-haste n. \ hasten v. \ hasty adj. \ hastily adv.
26-Jewish adj.(male) \ Jewess adj.(female)
27-congratulate v. \ congratulation n.
28-suspect v. \ suspicious adj. \ suspicion n.
29-* lead led led
30-value v. n. \ valuation n. \ valuable adj.
31-conclude v. \ conclusion n.
32-confident adj. \ confidence n.
33-hesitate v. \ hesitation n.
34-* sell sold sold
35-burst out v. \ outburst n.
36-* stand stood stood
37-appear v. \ appearance n. \ apparent adj. \ apparently adv.
38-* fly flew flown
39-furious adj. \ fury n.
40-anxious adj. \ anxiety n.
41-* steal stole stolen
42-bright adj. \ brighten v. \ brightness n.
43-hysteria n. \ hysterical adj. \ hysterically adv.
44-credit v. \ creditor n.
45-* read read read
46-gold n. \ golden adj. \ gild v.
47-dye + ing = dyeing
48-last v. adj.
49-fiancee n.(female) \ fianc n.(male)
50-hand v. n.
51-reputation n. \ repute v. \ reputable adj.
52-arrest v. n.
53-* grind ground ground
54-ground n.
55-duty n. \ dutiful adj.
56-angry adj. \ angrily adv. \ anger n.
57-sorrow n. \ sorrowful adj.
58-depart v. \ departure n.
59-excuse v. n .
60-peace n. \ peaceful adj.
61-disguise v. n.
62-heart n. \ hearty adj. \ heartily adv.
63-* wring wrung wrung
64-gentle adj. \ gentleness n.
65-harm v. n. \ harmful adj.
66-free adj. \ freedom n.
67-satisfy v. \ satisfactory adj. \ satisfactorily adv. \ satisfaction n.
68-enormous adj. \ enormity n.
69-fruit n. \ fruitless adj.
70-* speak spoke spoken
71-soft adj. \ soften v.
72-curse v. n.
73-estimate v. \ estimation n.
74-* swear swore sworn
75-bare v. adj.
76-balance v. n.
77-grieve v. \ grief n.
78-poor adj. \ poverty n. \ poorness n.
79-miser n. \ misery n. \ miserly adj.
80-friend n. \ friendship n. \ friendly adj.
81-sacrifice v. n.
82-smile v. n.
83-right adj. \ rightful adj.
84-* swing swung swung
85-* shed shed shed
86-praise v. n.
87-risk v. n.
88-claim v. n.
89-glee n. \ gleeful adj.
90-* hang hanged hanged
Or * hang hung hung
91-pardon v. n.
92-fine adj. n.
93-* drive drove driven
94-miserable adj. \ miserably adv.
95-trust v. n.
96-token n.
97-imitate v. \ imitation n.
98-dignify v. \ dignity n. \ dignified adj.
99-guilt n. \ guilty adj.
100-waste v. n.
101-sigh v. n.
102-ring v. n.
103-leaf n.(sing.) \ leaves n.(pl.)
104-moonlight n. \ moonlit adj.
105-grass n. \ grassy adj.
106-still adj. \ stillness n.
107-mortal adj. \ mortality n.
108-* shine shone shone
109-race v. n.
110-goose n.(sing.) \ geese n.(pl.)
111-appreciate v. \ appreciation n.
112-apologize v. \ apology n. \ apologetical adj.
113-quarrel v. n.
114-recover v. \ recovery n.
115-sincere adj. \ sincerity n.

28-06-2011, 08:38 AM
Dear pupils of sixth level ,
I hope so much that you are spending comfortable times . Try to get rid of all sorts of fear and worry . Your replies made me sooooo happy .

28-06-2011, 06:29 PM
Some questions on spelling
Q 1 \\\
Complete the spelling of the following with :
(full , able , er , ance , ar , ous )

Q 2 \\\
Complete the spelling of the following words :
1-wise + dom = -----
2-awe + full =-----
3-notice + able =-----
4-practice + able =-----
5-mercy + full =-----

Q 3 \\\
Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the words between brackets :
1-We must----- our success by hard work . ( sure )
2-Every problem must have a ----- . ( solve )
3-Last week , we visited the -----city of Hatra . ( history )
4-An efficient teacher will-----his pupils to understand the lesson easily . ( able )
5-There are many-----institutes in our town . ( education )
6-A solid figure has----- , ----- and----- . (long , wide , high )
7-Your car is more-----than mine . ( expense )
8-The teacher is doing an experiment on the----- of gases . ( expand )
9-The prisoners asked for more-----of their food . (vary )
10-Poor people need a lot of----- . ( assist )

Q 4 \\\
Fill in the blanks with the suitable letter or letters :
1-l---sure ( ei , ie )
2- ---peak ( s , c )
3-ele---ant (f , ph )
4-carefu--- (l , ll )
5-cr---ing ( i , y )
6-divis---ble (a , i )
7-arrog---nce (a , e )
8-vineg---r (e , a , o )
9- ---uestion ( k , q )
10-fi---e (f , v )

Q 5 \\\
Write the missing words : OR
Fill in the blanks with correctly spelt words :
1-logic , logical . influence----- .
2-direct , indirect . healthy----- .
3-read , reader . beg----- .
4-eat , ate . grow----- .
5-have , having . dye----- .
6-top , bottom . loss--- .
7-large , enlarge . simple .----- .
8-kind , kindness . generous----- .
9-wealth , wealthy . victory----- .
10-profession , professional . part----- .

Some titles of compositions
Write about ( 60 80 ) words on each :
1-Portias problem
2-The first five suitors
3-Bassanios problem
4-The bond
5-The first unlucky suitor
6-Launcelots Decision
7-Jessicas Problem
8-The lottery plan
9-The in******ions on the three caskets
10-Jessicas Letter
11-Shylockimpression on Launcelots departure
12-A spendthrift character causing trouble to his friend
13-Portia and Bassanios promise to be faithful to each other
14-The two symbols of evil
15-The cruel demand

30-06-2011, 07:42 AM
16-Jessicas Escape
17-Shulocks shock after Jessicas escape
18-The Second Unlucky Suitor
19-The Rumour
20-Bassanios Choice
21-The lucky suitor
22-The four lovers
23-The Warent
24-Portias Plan To Save Antonio
25-In the court , before the trial
26-Portias Defence
27-Portias cleverness and courage
28-The final judgement
29-The conditions in the play
30-Shylock and Portias fathers conditions
31-Antonios conditions ( after the trial )
32-The letters included in the play ( 6 letters )
33-The lawyers fee
34-The story of the rings
35-The quarrels
36-The faithful maid
37-The wills in the play
38-The wise will and the special will
39-The excellent news
40-The laws of Venice
41-The reputation of Venice
42-The bait that was swallowed
43-False friendship and generosity
45-The terrible condition
46-The disadvantages in Shylocks bond
47-Antonios escape from death
48-Shylocks shocks during the trial
49-The tense trial scene
50-Bassanio and Gratiano hurt their wives unintentionally
51-Antonios life was saved by Portias courage and wisdom
52-The generous money lender
53-The wicked money lender
54-The happiness that did not last long
55-The wise judge of Venice
56-Shulocks losses
57-Potias ring
58-Antonios arrest
59-Shlocks wickedness
60-Nerissa , the loyal maid
61-Bassanio and Lorenzo
62-Shylock and the Duke
63-Dr.Bellarios letter to the Duke
64-Portias present
65-State how Portia tested Bassanios love and promise
66-The three guests of Belmont
67-The conditions imposed against Shylock in the court of justice
68-The sorrowful letter
69-Nerissas present
70-The moral lesson of The Merchant Of Venice

 I wish you the best luck 

26-01-2012, 06:37 PM
6th es
Scientific and literary
Time 2 hours

Mid-Year Examination In English
2011 2012

Q 1-A \\ Read the following passage carefully :
One day , a postman received a letter which addressed in shaky handwriting to God . He thought , "I better open it and see what its about ."So he opened it and it read :"Dear God , I am an old widow . Yesterday , someone stole my purse . It had a hundred dollars in it . I had invited my last two friends for dinner . Without that money I have nothing to buy food with . You are my only hope . Can you please help me ?"The postal worker was touched , and he showed the letter to others . They collected 96 dollars , put into an envelope and sent to her . A few days later came another letter . It read , "Dear God , How can I ever thank you for what you did for me? I told my friends of your wonderful gift . By the way , there was 4 dollars missing . It was no doubt the postal workers who did it . "
Now answer any Three of the following questions in full : ( 6 Marks )
1-Why was the handwriting shaky ?
2-Who did the woman accuse of stealing the 4 dollars ?
3-Did the woman finally hold the dinner party ?
4-Why did nt the womans husband give her the whole sum of money ?
B \\ Fill the blanks with the suitable words from the list below . ( choose any 6 ) ( 6 Marks )
( cope , mere , allocate , remainder , embarrass , risks , guidance , safe )
1-We have to-----some of our income for emergencies .
2-A child can not be left without----- .
3-The school should-----with the family in the process of education .
4-Drivers face many-----on rainy days .
5-Are these toys-----for small children ?
6-His threats to withdraw from the match were----- words .
7-If you divide 100 by 12 , the-----is 4 .
C \\ ( 4 Marks )
1-Write the letter of the sentence and the most suitable word that fills the blank :
a-The baby-----in bed yesterday suffering from high fever . (lied , lain , laid , lay )
b------to God for help . ( pray , prey )
2-Complete each sentence with a word opposite in meaning to the underlined one :
a-I went to the bank to borrow some money , the man in charge agreed to----- it to me .
b-Last month Mr. Ali made a lossof six millions I.D. , but this year he will make a----- .
************************************************** ************************************************** ***
Q 2 \\ Do as required : ( Do 7 only ) ( 14 Marks )
1-These two children are of equal weight . ( Use : as---as )
2-What about a game of chess ?( Re-write using suggestion )
3-Define a mechanic . ( Use : cars )
4-Ali was born in 1982 . Nada was born in 2012 . ( difference . Use differ )
5-Show the boys inability to dig the garden when they were ten . ( Use ability )
6-You met your boss at night . How will you greet him ?
7-You have apologized for tearing your friend s lovely dress .
How will she accept your apology ?
8-Express your certainty of Mehas success next year . ( certainly )
9-What do you think of careless and talkative girls . ( Preference )
10-Where is the soldier crawling ? ( the barbed wires ) ( Location )

************************************************** ************************************************** ***
Q 3 A \\ Complete or correct Any Five of the following using information from the reading
passages in your text book . ( 10 Marks )
1-The telephone bill was very large as Marry had been calling the grocer . ( correct )
2-The Phoenicians inhabited the western Mediterranean region . ( correct )
3-The area of a surface is measured in cubic units of length . ( correct )
4-The current account enables you to----- .
5-Children are inoculated with a stale culture of the disease to----- .
6-Platforms are-----islands made of----- .
7-The hieroglyphic writing contained three elements :----- , ----- , ----- .
B \\ Complete the spelling of the following words: ( 5 Marks )
( er , ar , ance , able , or , ible )
1-ignore----- . 2-agree----- . 3-sense----- . 4-collect----- . 5-pray----- .
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Q 4 A \\ Join using the connectives given : ( Choose only 5 ) ( 10 Mark )
1-I went to the harbour to see my brother off . ( the purpose of )
2-They took a taxi to school . They were late . ( so that )
3-Famine \ Drought . ( caused by )
4-He was loved by all good men because of his generosity . ( because )
5-It was too dark for us to see our way properly . It was so----- . ( cause and effect )
6-Shylock was so angry . Jessica could not talk to him . ( make )
B \\ Write the number of the item and the correct choice : (Do 2 only ) ( 2 Marks )
1-The vowel sound \ iN \ is not present in-----.(cheer , fierce , bear , severe )
2-The consonant sound \ j \ is found in----- .( jealous , humour , juice , hunt )
3-The vowel sound \ i: \ is not found in----- . (fever , magazine , seize , dye )
C \\ Show how the underlined letters are pronounced : ( Do 3 only ) ( 3 Marks )
( 1-soot 2-moth 3-stomach 4-toe 5-mother )
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Q 5 \\ A \\ Read the following statements , then answer the questions given .
(choose either 1 or 2) ( 6 Marks )
1-" If all goes according to plan , by the time you return you ll have lost a daughter . "
a- -----said this to ----- .
b- What made her think of her plan ?
c- How did she inform her lover of it ?
2- "This is how the will of a living daughter can be curbed by the will of a dead father ."
a-The will of a dead father was about ----- .
b- Why did Nerissa defend it ?
c- As Portia was curbed by her fathers will , what was she unable to do ?
B \\ Choose either 1 or 2 ( 14 Marks )
1- Write a composition of about ( 80 words ) on , "Shylock and Tubal "
2- Write a paragraph on "Bassanios Problem " . Make use of the following questions :
*What was Bassanios problem ? *When had he seen Portia for the first time ?
*In Belmont , why did he choose the lead casket ? *What were its contents ?
*How did he describe the painter ? Why ?
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