: Proto Indo-Eurpean

17-01-2010, 02:08 PM
Proto Indo-Eurpean

We use these combinations of words to refer to the common ancestor of some languages in the world

Proto-Indo-European Languages include a lot of main divisions and sub-divisions; Main divisions like Germanic, Celtic, Italic, Hellenic, Balto-Slavic, and Indo-Iranian.

Now, we will classify the main divisions into sub-divisions:

Germanic is subdivided into German, Dutch ,English, Swedish, Norwegian

Celtic is sub-classified into Gaelic, Irish, welsh

Italic is sub-divided into Latin, and Latin is sub-classified into Italian, Spanish , French, Portuguese, Romanian

Hellenic is subdivided into Ancient Greek, and Ancient Greek is sub-classified into Greek

Balto-Slavic is subdivided into two sub-divisions Baltic and Slavic , Baltic is sub-divided into Latvian and Lithuanian , Slavic is sub-classified Russian , polish, Czech , Bulgarian

Indo-Iranian is subdivided into two sub-divisions Indic and Iranian. Indic is subdivided into Sanskrit, and Sanskrit is subdivided into Hindi, Bengali. Iranian is sub-classified into Persians