: The Occultation of Imam Al-Mahdi and the Process of Perfection of the Islamic Society
Ala Ibrahim Razooqi
Man can never attain perfection unless he applies the religious instructions designated by the Creator of Man. Those comprehensive instructions aim at the material and spiritual perfection of Man. Accordingly, no one is qualified to fill the role of guidance to perfection unless he is designation by God Himself to reform the society depending on Islam. Indeed, God has promised his creation a point in History, in which the ultimate prosperity will take place: “And We have already written in the Book of Psalms after previous mention, that the earth shall be inherited by My righteous servants” (٢١:١٠٥). One has to depend on this divine promise to maintain his hope, optimism, more activity in the Islamic nation, and work in the path of God.
As a matter of fact, God has preserved Imam Al-Mahdi, the twelfth Imam of Ahlulbait, for that promised day. God has bestowed upon him a long life to make him live among us, know about us, and get acquainted with our experiences, failure, and success. He coexists our trials and misfortunes, while he keeps inspiring us with hope and strength. Waiting for the Debut of Imam Al-Mahdi is of high value, which is considered an unending source of hope and faith in divinity.
Waiting for the Debut of Imam Al-Mahdi denotes a highly significant state of faith, that people still maintain their belief in divinity. As for those who keep waiting for Imam Al-Mahdi should let his name inhabit their minds and hearts and anticipate his Debut at any moment. However, waiting for the Imam doesn’t mean to abandon our humanistic and religious responsibilities: the Shias have to pave the way for his arrival by spreading Islamic teaching in the world, and to resist oppression, as our scholars have insisted for centuries