Imam Ali; the voice of humanity

Ali bin Abi talib PBUH was the cousin of the prophet of Islam Muhammad (Allah's blessings and peace be upon him). The statements narrated from him as the voice of immortal humanity indicates he was not just an ordinary person, rather he was a reformer. This real love of God found what he was seeking for the believer's hearts. Many hearts are known to be influenced by this great person.

The human beings have witnessed hoe he reflects the justice of Allah at all times and places. Therefore; he does not belong to a specific place or time. He had always said the human has two parts: he is either your brother in religion, or he is your match in creation. This attitude rises a watchword in a united nation.

Many writers and scholars find in this person all the principle of humanity. They witness not only to his personality but also thoughtful speeches and his book (Nahj Albalaghah) that all critics have referred to. Therefore; they have writing about various speeches and poems of this immortal person.