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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : Who can give me information about would

18-08-2009, 12:01 PM
Who can give me information about would

18-08-2009, 12:08 PM
With pleasure my dear friend student



Would, the past form of will, is a modal auxiliary verb.Questions and negatives are made without do; after would. We use an infinitive without to.
-Would your daughter like to play with my little girl?
Contraction are 'd, wouldn't
-I 'd like some advice,please.
-I wish she wouldn't take things so seriously

Would and will

Would is often used in similar ways to will; it can act as a past of will in indirect speech, for example, and as softer, less definite form of will in other cases

Indirect speech
In indirect speech, would is used after past reporting verbs where will was used in direct speech
Direct speech:Tomorrow will be fine
Indirect speech:The forecast said the next day would be fine
Would itself does not usually change in indirect speech
Direct speech:Would you like some help
Indirect speech: She asked if I would like some help

Future in the past
Would is also used to express the idea of future in the past-to talk about a past action which had not yet happened at the time we are talking about

Interpersonal uses
Would is used in polite requests and offers; it often acts as a softer form of will
-Would you open the window, please
-If you would come this way….
-Would you mind standing up for a moment
-Would you like tea, or would you prefer coffee
- I'd like to speak to John for a moment ,please

Past willingness and refusals
Would can refer to past willingness of a general kind , but not to willingness to do something on a particular past occasion
-She would hoover,dust and iron,but she didn't like doing windows.
-The car wouldn't start again this morning

Past habits
Would is used as the past of will to talk about past habits and typical characteristics .
-When she was old , she would sit in the corner talking to herself for hours.

Would and Used to
Both would and used to can refer to past states
-When we were children we would/used to go skating every winter

Conditional auxiliary
The mixed verb would/should is often used as an auxiliary with verbs that refer to unreal or uncertain situations-for example in sentences with if
-I should/would tell you if I knew