She is the lady Fatima Alma’soma-The Infallible- daughter of Imam Musa b. Ja’far AlKathem AS.
Her noble linage belong to the pure prophet SAWA. She was a young branch of the ‘Alawi blessed tree. The granddaughter of the truthful, the speaker, the knowledge, and the worshipper Zahra AS. the divine blesses honored her by make her one of the progeny of the pure Ahlulbayt AS.
She narrated from her noble fathers AS, and a group of specialists in sciences and traditions narrated from her.
In some bibliographies stated that Imam Reza AS nicknamed her with Al-Ma’soma.

Her father AS
The greatest son among the progeny of Imam Al-Sadiq AS, the highest in statues, and the most famous among people. There is no one more bounteous than him in his era, nor nobler than him in person or in his clan. He was the most worshipping of his time, the most devout, the most dignified, and the most knowledge scientist.
His nickname Abu Alhasan, and he was Abu Alhasan Alawal -the first-. He was known as The Righteous Worshipper and AlKathem. Imam Al-Sadiq AS announces his imamate during his life, and recommended his Shiite to follow him after him.

Her mother
She a bondmaid called Sakan Alnobeia. Some said she was Najma and nicknamed Um Albanin. She was called with Altahira- the pure- after giving birth of Imam Reza AS. Therefore lady Alma’soma was sister of Imam Reza from his mother and father.

Her birthday and upgrowth
Lady Al-Ma’soma was born in Medina Almaonawara, and grow up in the house of Imam AlKathem AS. Thus she inherited from him the light of AhlulBayt, their guidance, and their sciences in doctrines, worshipping, chastity, and science. She was known among the special once-Shiite- as the noble lady of Ahlulbayt AS.
She was bred under the care of her brother Imam Reza AS, because Haron the Abbasside ordered to jail her father on the year of her birth. Haron jailed him in his terrifying prisons one after one until he assassinated him with poison, 183H.
The lady Ma’soma lived with her brothers and sister under the ****ter of Imam Reza AS. Biographers and narrators coincided on that the progeny of Imam Al-kathem AS were renowned individuals in worshipping, piety, and asceticism.

Her brother Imam Reza AS
Imam AlKathem AS left many sons after his martyrdom. Their widespread fame were in east and west. Imam Reza AS was famous with advancement, intelligent, high virtues, great statues among special and general people.
He was named Reza for he was the pleasure of Allah, the Exalted, the Great, in His heaven, of His Messenger, and of the Imams AS. Some said: because the Violators among his enemies agreed on him as his approvers among his loyal followers.

The social and political circumstances
Lady Al-Ma’soma was born during Haron Alabasi Era. Since her early days there was a horrible government of tyranny. The Abbasside government was established on the ruins of Umayyad dynasty. The Abbasside in their early days were hidden behind a slogan they used (Al-Reza of Mohammed’s clan) to delude the lovers of Ahlulbayt AS. But once they got on control, and dominated everything, they turned their back to AhlulBayt and betrayed them.
They used the strategies of Killing, oppression, and repression to any person who got any kind of connections with Ali-s’ AS progeny. They hunted every Imam of Ahlulbayt AS, then killed and jailed them.

Lady Ma’soma leaving to find her brother AS
Lady Ma’soma and Abu Taleb family AS were deeply concerned about Imam Reza AS destiny since Mamon brought to Khorasan. They were worried after her brother Abu Alhasan Al-Reza AS has told her that he will be martyred in this journey to Tos, especially that they still in pain for the tragedy of Imam AlKathem AS, who was summoned to the capital of the government Baghdad, and he did not leave it alive from its’ dark prisons but murdered and poisoned.
Those events were only showing us a side of the fears inside the heart of lady Ma’soma AS, which made her to travel to Qum to get news about her brother the Imam, as stated in the tradition of al-Hasan b. Mohamed al-Qumi, in Traekh Qum.
Whereupon she went after her brother al-Reza AS, with a hope to meet him alive. However, travelling pains, and hardness which the lady of Ahlulbayt AS was not used to them made her to stop travelling. She stayed in her bed ill and tired. Later she asked about the distance to Qum while she was in Sawa. Someone told her that it was ten leagues. She ordered to take to her to Qum city. She was carried there when she was in the same situation. She stayed in the house of Musa b. Khazraj b. Sa’d Alash’ari until she died after 17 days.
In trusted traditions stated that when her news reached Qum, the heads of Qum went to receive her led by Musa b. Khazraj. When he reached her he took the rein of her camel and led her to his house. And she was in his house until she died… he ordered them to wash and shrouding her, then he prayed on her. He buried her in a land which belonged to him which became now her shrine. He built on her grave a shed , until Zainab, the daughter of Imam al-Jawad AS built a dome.

The length of Lady Ma’soma life
There is no trusted references available confirming the year of the birthday of lady Fatima al-Ma’soma AS. Some said she was born 173H, while others stated that she was born in 183H which is a weak state because we knows that Imam al-Kathem AS was martyred in 183 h. Also we know he was summoned by Haron, and was sent to Basra, and was jailed there for one year, then he was transferred to Baghdad and was jailed there for 30 years until he was martyred.
If we believed that the lady was born in 173H then her age at her death time in 201H would be about 28 years, while Ma’soma AS should not be later than 179H which is the year of detention her father al-Kathem AS. Then her age should be 21 at least.

Some narrations from the lady Fatima Ma’soma AS
. Alhafeth Shmadul-deen al-Jazari Alshafe’e, who died in 833H. In his book (Asna Almataleb), entrusting from Baker b. Ahmed Alqasri, saidThe daughters of Imam al-Kathem AS, Fatima (Ma’soma), Zaynab and Um Kolthum have narrated to me:
Fatima daughter of Imam al-Sadiq AS, narrated to us:
Fatima daughter of Imam al-Baqir AS narrated to me:
Fatima daughter of Imam al-Sajjad AS narrated to me:
Fatima and Sakinah, daughters of Imam Husain AS narrated to me:
Um Kolthum daughter of Lady Fatima al-Zahra AS narrated to us, from her mother, the daughter of the Prophet SAWA that she said:
“Have you forgotten the words of the Prophet of God on the day of Ghadir Khum, when he said: ‘Whosever’s leader I am, then Ali is also their leader’, and his words, to Ali AS ‘Your relationship to me is like the relationship of Harun to Musa.’”
the same chain of narrators as above, Alhafeth Abu-Musa Almadaeni stated in his book and said: and this tradition is chained, because each Fatima narrating from her aunt. Therefore it is a tradition of five nieces, each of them narration from her aunt.

. Almajlesi narrated: Ja’far b. Ahmed b. Ali Alqumiu in the book (Almosalsalat), from Baker b. Ahnaf, said Lady Fatima Masuma, daughter of Ali b. Musa al-Reza AS, said,” Fatima, Zainab, and Um-Kolthum the daughters of Musa b. Ja’far AS, they said,” Fatima AS narrates from Lady Fatima al-Zahra AS:
“I heard from my father, the Prophet SAWA, who said: ‘When I went to Mi`raj (ascension to the Heavens), I entered Heaven, and there I saw a palace made of white pearls, the door of that palace was decorated with pearls and rubies, and on that door was hanging a curtain.
I raised my head towards it and saw written on the door: