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A message to the world

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  • A message to the world

    Alsalam Alaikom

    I welcome you all to this topic

    "A message to the world"

    In this topic we will send messages to the whole world about our prophet and his family peace be upon

    Every month we will specify one of our prophet's family members and send messages about him or her.

    Let's cooperate to send as many messages as possible

    السلام عليكم

    أرحب بكم جميعا في هذا الموضوع "رسالة إلى العالم"

    هذا الموضوع عبارة عن رسائل نوجهها العالم عن أهل البيت عليهم السلام

    سنخصص في كل شهر أحد شخصيات أهل البيت عليهم السلام و سنوجه رسائل عن هذه الشخصية.

    دعونا نتعاون لنوجه أكبر عدد ممكن من من الرسائل إلى العالم أجمع

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    The hero of this month is the world's best woman

    Fatima Alzahraa peace be upon her

    Fatima Alzahraa is our prophet's daughter and Imam Ali's wife.

    What messages can be sent to the world about this great woman?

    شخصية هذا الشهر هي سيدة نساء العالمين

    السيدة الزهراء عليها السلام

    بنت النبي الأكرم محمد صلي الله عليه وآله وسلم وزوجة الإمام علي عليه السلام

    يا ترى ما هي الرسائل التي يمكن إيصالها إلى العالم عن هذه السيدة الجليلة؟


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      السلام عليكم

      Fatimah (AS) has left many sayings. Some of them are narrated directly from her which indicate her great knowledge and high position. Some others are narrated by the Prophet (PBUH) which indicates their close relationship and her high understanding and intelligence. We mention two of the directly narrated sayings here briefly: 1-If someone sends his pure prayer up to Allah, Allah will send down best welfare to him. 2-Allah has obligated faith to make you clean of polytheism, saying prayers to make you clean of haughtiness, alms to make your spirits clear and increase your sustenance, fasting to maintain your sincerity, Hadj to stand your religion, justice to strengthen your hearts, obeying us for your community's order and comfort, our governing to prevent separation, Jihad for Islam's splendor, patience to help you get eligible for reward, calling people to goodness for everybody's welfare, being generous to parents to avoid his anger, union of kindred to increase the population, retaliation to save bloods, vowing to be exposed to Allah's forgiveness, has made bankruptcy the result of using short weights, and has forbidden drinking wine to keep you away from uncleanness, Ghazf (false accusation of intercourse) to avoid imprecation and curse and stealing for remaining chaste. Allah has forbidden polytheism so that people be sincere in their obedience to Allah .So "Fear Allah as much as He deserves be pious and don't die other than you are Muslim." Obey Allah in his obligations and prohibited things, because" Only aware people fear Allah".


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        Zahra (SA) said: I graduated I've given it all is that now that I've created for it.

        Good to parents, which is immune from the wrath of God.

        Fatima Zahra (SA) states: The world you are my favorite three things: 1 - Holy Quran, 2 - Looking at the face of Prophet (SAW), 3 - spend in Allah's way.


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          رسول‌ (صلّی‌ الله‌ علیه‌ وآله) :
          إنَّ اللهَ یَغْضَبُ لِغَضَبِ فَاطِمَةَ، وَ یَرْضَی لِرِضَاهَا
          Surely, God will be angered by Fatimah's displeasure and will be pleased by her pleasure.
          فاطمه (سلام‌ الله‌ علیها):
          حُبِّبَ إلیَّ مِنْ دُنْیا?ُمْ ثَلاثٌ : تلاوَةُ ?ِتابِ اللهِ وَالنَّظَرُ فی وَجْهِ رَسولِ اللهِ وَالإنْفاقُ فی سَبیلِ اللهِ
          Three things of this world fascinate me: reading the Ķurān, looking at the Prophet’s face, and alms-giving in the way of Allah.
          فاطمه (سلام‌ الله‌ علیها) :

          نَحْنُ وَسیلَتُهُ فی خَلْقِهِ وَنَحْنُ خاصَّتُهُ وَمَحَلُّ قُدسِهِ
          We - Ahl al-Bayt- are God’s agents amongst people, we have been chosen by God, and we have been endowed with His holiness.
          فاطمه (سلام‌ الله‌ علیها) :
          مَنْ أصْعَدَ إلَی اللهِ خالِصَ عِبادَتِهِ، أهْبَطَ اللهُ إلَیْهِ أفْضَلَ مَصْلَحَتِهِ
          God will grant the best thing out of expediency to everyone who prayer.Sincerely.
          فاطمه (علیها ‌السلام) :
          جَعَلَ اللهُ الصَّلاةَ تَنْزیهاً لَ?ُمْ عَنِ ال?ِبْرِ
          Allah has laid down ritual prayer to keep you away from arrogance and conceit.
          فاطمه (سلام‌الله‌علیها):
          یا بُنَیَّ، الجارُ ثُمَّ الدّارِ
          My dear son, always place your neighbors before your own family.
          رسول (صلّی ‌‌الله‌ علیه‌ وآله):
          یا فاطِمَةُ! مَنْ صَلَّى عَلَیْ?ِ غَفَرَ اللهُ لَهُ وألْحَقَهُ بِی حَیْثُ ?ُنْتُ مِنَ الْجَنَّةِ

          O Fātimah, if someone utters Salawāt upon you, God will forgive him and lead him to my position in paradise.
          رسول ‌ (صلّی ‌‌الله ‌علیه ‌وآله) :
          فَاطِمَةُ أعَزُّ النَّاسِ عَلَیَّ
          Fātimah is the dearest person to me.

          فاطمه (سلام ‌الله ‌علیها):

          فَرَضَ اللهُ الصّیامَ تَثْبیتاً لِلْإخْلاصِ.
          Allah made fasting incumbent in order to be sincerity affirmed by it.


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            Thanks a lot our brother Hussain for your valuable contributions.

            I am looking forward to having more contributions.


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              Birth of Fatima - Zahra _ Peace be on her

              This Great Lady was the only daughter of the Holy Prophet (saww) and Hazrat Khadijah. She was born in Makkah on Friday, 20th Jamdi-ul-Akhar in the 5th year after the declaration of Prophethood (615 AD).

              She was married to the great personality, the 1st Imam, Imam Ali (as). The marriage ceremony took place on Friday, 1st Zilhajj 2 AH.

              As a daughter, she loved her parents very much. As a wife, she was very devoted. As a mother, she cared for and brought up wonderful children that they have left marks on the face of the world.

              On Fasting She Said:
              Imam Sadiq (as) says on the authority of his forefathers that J. Zahra (as) had said that: "The man who is observing a fast would not gain anything, when his tongue, ears, and limbs are not safe from sin."

              House hold affairs:
              In the whole world, there was only one house that was free from impurities and that house was of Imam Ali (as) and J. Zahra (as). She being the leader of all the women of the world, she was the torch bearer of the ideals and character of woman hood.

              J Zahra (as) never used to take household duties as a chore for a woman. In the performance of domestic duties, she had faced many obstacles and hardships.

              The Infallible daughter of the Holy Prophet (saww) was conscious of her responsibilities and aware that a wife could shape the direction of her husband's activities. Her thinking was that the home is the place of refuge. A place of peace for a man, when he comes back tired from his struggles and dealings with the outside world. A place to re-strengthen his energy and also to gain in him fresh confidence and determination, so that he could be able to tackle his duties.

              Imam Musa Al Kadhim (as) says: "The crusade of a woman is to have concern and regard for the husband."

              Extracts of J. Zahra's (as) Sermon:
              Praise be to Allah, I am thankful to Him for the capabilities that He has given me.

              I bear witness that there is no God but Allah who is without a parallel and no one is His partner. This is a call, the essence of which is love and purity. That Allah who cannot be seen with our eyes; our tongue is unable to state His praise. He created all without any earlier precedent.

              I bear witness that my father, Messenger of Allah was the slave of Allah and His messenger. He was chosen before he was sent. He was awarded this position before his coming into being.

              'O servants of Allah, you are responsible to His "Orders and Prohibitions". His religion and His Revelation. You are, the representative of Allah! and a preacher from His side! And the protector of Allah's right is in your midst [Ali] He who protected the one who brought the testament of Allah to you.

              Whatever I am telling, its beginning and its end is the same. I do not indulge into contradictory talk. Whatever, I am telling is stark truth. I do not practise any wrong.

              When Allah chose from the dwell of messengers His Messenger (saww), He selected for him the honored place of chosen ones. No sooner than it was done, the discord and envy that was in the hearts, manifested amongst you. The veil of religion was turned up. Those who have lost the correct path, started opening their mouths.

              Unknown persons started to show off. Slogans in the interest of falsity were raised, and a conspiracy spread in the society.

              The Devil came out of his hole and called you to his side, because he found you waiting for his call and be fooled. He invited you to stay and ignited the fire of anger, the reflection of which became apparent on your face.

              This was the reason that you marked somebody's camel apart from your own, and you entered into somebody's river side. You started searching for what was not yours. Finally you started usurping the Government when not many days had passed since the demise of the Prophet (saww). Our woes and wounds were still bleeding, and even the Prophet (saww) was not buried, that you advanced an excuse saying that "A mischief has been averted".

              Can there be any greater mischief than the one that has overtaken you. Yes of course hell has taken them in its folds.

              This action was not expected from you, What are you doing? Where are you going? When the book of Allah is present in your midst everything in that is glittering and all its signs are fully clear as a Crystal. Its prohibition are apparent and clear, and all orders graphically clear, but you have put them behind your back. Have you turned your face from them? Or you are aiming at something else? Alas! it's to be highly regretted that tyrants have adopted dirty ways, instead of taking up a Qur'anic path.

              You have suddenly flared up the fire of mischief, and fanned its flames. You have assented to the talk of the Satan, who was misleading you. You have started to extinguish the light of the Religion of Allah and started obliterating the traditions of the Prophet (saww), and in the pretext of the froth of fermenting milk, you have silently sipped it all.

              You were bent on confining the family and progeny of the Prophet (saww) in a corner. We preferred to observe patience, but with sword hanging on our neck and a spear waiting to make a thrust in our chest.

              How wonderful it is that you think that the Almighty Allah has not granted us the right of inheritance, and that we will not get the inheritance of the Prophet (saww). Are you following the rules of the Age of illiteracy. For believers, no decision is better than the decision of Allah.

              Are you ignorant of these problems? Yes, you are fully aware of them. The fact is clear as a sun. You know that I am the daughter of the Prophet (saww).

              O' Muslim brethren! Is my inheritance going to be snatched by force? O' son of Qahafa answer me, does Qur'an say that you get your fathers' inheritance and I should not get my fathers' inheritance. Have you purposely disowned the Book of Allah; and have cast it behind your back. Whereas Qur'an says: Sulaiman got his father's (inheritance); Dawood got his fathers'. Regarding Yahya bin Zakariyya He said, "O' Allah: grant me a son, who could be my Successor and of the progeny of Yaqoob."

              Have you formed an idea that I will not get my parents inheritance?

              Did Allah, reveal a special verse for you, striking out my father from its purview, or you say two persons professing the same religion did not have the right to inherit each other's (property). Is mine and my father's religion not one?

              Or do you treat an average follower of Qur'an better than my father and cousin. If it is that case, take my inheritance like a saddled camel waiting to be taken advantage of. Ride it. BUT bear in mind that I will meet you on the day of rising and will put up my demand.

              What an excellent day it would be when Allah will adorn the seat of Justice and Mohammed Mustafa (saww) would be a plaintiff.


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                Names, Titles & Nicknames

                Her name is Fatimah (AS) and her other names are: Zahra, Seddigheh, Tahereh, Mobarakeh, Batool, Razieh and Marzieh. The word Fatimah means separated and she is named Fatimah (AS) because her followers are separated from the Hell because of her. Zahra means luminous and Imame Sadegh (AS) (the sixth Imame) said: œWhen Fatimah (AS) prayed, she shined for the heavens as the stars shine for people on earth. Sedsigheh means someone who says nothing except the truth. Tahereh means pure and clean, Mobarakeh means full of favor and blessing Batool means separated from uncleanness and Razieh means satisfied with Allah,s fate and destiny and Marzieh means laudable. We can name Ensieh (heavenly lady), Hanieh (sympathetic), Shahideh (martyr), Afifeh (chaste), Sabereh (patient), Alemeh (learned), Mazloomeh (oppressed), Masoomeh (infallible), OM“al-Hassan (mother of Hassan (AS)), OM-al-Husain (mother of Husain (AS)), Om-al-A,emmeh (mother of Imames) and Omm-e-Abiha as her titles. OM-e-Abiha means mother of her father and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has given her this title and this shows that Fatimah (AS) treated Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as his mother. This fact was proved throughout the history as she cured her father during the wars and when she was at home and many other cases


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                  Her marriage

                  Fatimah (AS) had many suitors. Omar and Abubakr asked for her hand in marriage. The Prophet (PBUH) replied: œAllah has her authorityœ. Anas-bin-Malek says that Othman and Abd-al-Rahman-bin-Ouf did the same and volunteered to pay a high marriage portion. At that time, Gabriel descended to Prophet (PBUH) and said: Mohammad (PBUH)! Allah sends regards and orders: Marry Fatimah (AS) to Ali (AS). Imame Ali (AS) asked for Fatima,s (AS) hand in marriage and Prophet (PBUH) agreed on this marriage according to divine will. It is mentioned in the narratives that He said: If Ali (AS) didn,t exist, there would be no mate for Fatimah (AS).Fatimah (AS) had a little marriage portion (against the pre-Islamic traditions that dignitaries had high marriage portion, in fact Fatima,s (AS) marriage portion was beyond money and she had high spiritual marriage portion as Prophet (PBUH) has said). They had 5 children: Hassan (AS), Hosain (AS), Zeinab (AS), Om-al-Kolthum and Mohsen (AS) (who miscarried in the happenings after Prophet,s (PBUH) death). Imame Hassan (AS) and Imame Hosain (AS), who are trained by such mother, are of the 12 Imames and the other 9 (except Imame Ali (AS) and Imame Hassan (AS)) are of Imame Husain,s (AS) progeny and are related to Prophet (PBUH) by Fatimah (AS) (like Jesus (AS) who is related to Abraham (AS) by his mother and this is mentioned in the holy Quran). So we call her Om-al-A,emmah (Mother of Imames).Zeinab, her older daughter, was a learned and chaste and pious woman. She declared Imame Husain,s (AS) rising after him so property that people opposed Yazid,s oppressions several times and many risings shaped up and Yazid,s throne was to be overthrown. We can obtain that she never quit worshipping even during the worst conditions and this was based on her knowing of Allah. Om-al-Kolthum, also trained by Fatimah (AS), was an honorable, wise and eloquent woman who was with Zeinab (as) after Ashoora and had a principle role in awaking people.


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                    Her dignity & knowledge

                    Although Fatimah (AS) is not an Imame, but her dignity and position among the Muslims and specially Shiahs is higher and being Imame Alias (AS) wife certifies this. To understand how knowledgeable she was, it is worthy to read Fadakieh sermon, in which she says firm sentences on Monotheism, declares her knowing of Prophet (PBUH) and explains Imamah briefly. This sermon, including her argumentation from the holy Quran and expressing the reason for establishing religious laws, proves her knowledge to be revelational (a part of the sermon will come at the end of this article). Another reason to prove her high knowledge from Islam history is that some woman and even some men of Medina came to ask her about their religious problems.


                    عذراً, ليست لديك صلاحية لمشاهدة هذه الصفحة